Complete OW, former project

I was working on a project with Kuji a long time ago. I made this OW but the project never advanced or was completed. I believe I was using Icarus tiles at the time. We were planning on making the world much bigger, we wanted buyable houses, different neighborhoods etc. I sort have got started on that but shit happened, the project stalled, we didn’t get around to it.

Anyway what do you guys think?[ATTACH=CONFIG]2863[/ATTACH]

Looks like fun if you can pull off those scripts.

Neat concept. Before i started working on Chronicles of Arkasus, i wanted to work on a modern day server as well. well sort of modern day, I wanted zombies and horror movie monsters. the whole concept was around the idea that the world had been over runned by this indie movie theatres all over the world (i was building that is) and the theatres (would basically be dungeons) would be the source of these fictious monsters coming to life.

the idea got scrapped once i lurked the boards more, and learned that people do not like guns and modern looks to their graal. so i went with chronicles of arkasus.

sorry for the flash back, just reminded me of what i was hoping to work on. :slight_smile:

haha last time you showed me this i don’t think it had nearly as much detail. pretty sweet though

it always bums me out to see abandoned projects like this. shame it was never finished.

The OW was basically finished; meaning playable when things like trees, doors, etc were scripted. It could have always been expanded though. I even started on some insides.
[ATTACH=CONFIG]2868[/ATTACH] A fish shop.
[ATTACH=CONFIG]2869[/ATTACH] An abandoned building.
[ATTACH=CONFIG]2870[/ATTACH] J/K black market shop plz.
[ATTACH=CONFIG]2872[/ATTACH] A garage.

I hate to see all this shit go to waste. I just reformatted my PC and rediscovered it all on my second hard-drive.

zip the overworld, msg me it. i wanna check it out.

i still have all of graal x’s stuff, in fact i have most of my graal things for years now lol.

Are those original graphics?

It was used on a server called Icarus made by the original creator of Atrius years back.

I would host it but I only do levels. Pretty much the only script I know is dontblock (and I don’t even know if that works in GS2 haha). Anyway you check it out Joey? Also the GFX are real old, like fucking ancient now that I think about it lol.

I seen the message, haven’t had time to run through it right now dealing with some other stuff. Will definitely look through it soon, and if you want you can post them up publcially. Just levels, and dontblock does work.

if (created) {

it’s actually

function onCreated(){

I still don’t know why they allow gs1 on go anymore…

No. GS1 is completely removed from the client in v6.

Doesn’t matter. The NPC-server still compiles GS1 syntax to bytecode, so it works with v6. But plain GS1 haven’t worked since v5.007.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]or was it 5.006

So explain to me why GS1 still works in the v6 client o_0

Read Marlon’s post, faggot.