Computer mice

I’m considering to buy a new computer mouse and I want something sturdy that’d last 10+ years. Any suggestions?
The problem I always run into is that the left mouse click stops working properly.

I thought you all should know that i have no opnions on the topic of mice

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Good luck, 2ndwolf. I’m on my second Logitech MX Performance mouse in like 5-6 years. I think the first one lasted 2.5, then I just used a wired basic mouse for a year to year and a half, and then i picked up this new MX Performance one just over a year ago.

It’s not a bad mouse but to find quality that will last long term, it’s tough.

From my researches, all mice have random durability. Some will last 10 years, others will last 3 months. I’ve been told logitech was the best but from what I’ve just read it seems they don’t break the rule.

My advice is take the mouse you like, button and resolution wise and buy a prolonged warranty for as long as you can. I bought a cooler master m310 if my memory is correct. Mostly because it was a 5 button mouse (excluding the lighting and resolution buttons) didn’t require any software and still had a good sensitivity and max resolution. It was 35$ and a warranty extending the manufacturer’s by 1 year. I’ll be certain my investment lasts me at least 3 years that way.

Oh, and don’t buy razer… razer’s software leaks RAM like crazy. I’m pretty sure it was the culprit since I never went above 10 go of ram so quick before installing that crap.