So, how many of you actually cried about it?

“Onos we’re going to go boom”

I kept getting warnings from friends and family.

faux news kept spamming it around obama time

btw the french are apparently running it all right now

also conficker looooool
if my windows gets eat up
i dont think I will die
and if they turn my computer into part of a super brain

i lold

I teared

Missed the trend completely. I feel so embarrassed.

lol, I never even bothered to look it up. If I get a virus I just reinstall my computer and go with linux for a while until I need to use windows software.

Apparently it exploits a security hole in the “Server” service which is running on everyones computers. As long as:

a) You don’t have your computer open to the internet
b) You don’t goto a LAN with people who have opened their comp to the internet

You are safe from it, I also read it has been spreading over Kazaa but y’know…I don’t think I know anyone who would use that still.

Im sure Im vulnerable

but I could really just not care honestly

explorable incremental hard disk backups is the way yo dawg

that’s what she said.

Well, become a pirate god damn it and save yourself some worms.

My clock is currently 10:41pm, Thursday March 05

cbf scanning my computers

It’s april…

Out of fear he moved his PC clock back a month so it wouldn’t activate.
But really, its easy to scan since conficker blocks security related websites.

Visit that once, and you should know if you’re clean or not.

Thank you Beholder, I can now tell what day it is.

I lol if someone with dial-up is able to load those up.

hmm Conficker is like the Jade Goody of the worm world. Turns up, gets loads of attention and then dies off.

Nah thats not true, Conficker is actually slightly interesting. The Conficker.c strain is the most ambitious… The author just packed in the features on that one haha.