Connecting to Server..

Why does it take a century to connect to the serverlist server?
It usually takes like 1 second to get past the stage right before
choosing a server to connect to, but recently, it’s been slow.

Also, a side question.
Is the source to the serverlist server available?

Host has changed a few times, though connection works fine for me most of the time.

Serverlist code is available somewhere, but would require SQL knowledge and the sort to be able to use it (not to mention you would have to create something on your own for ‘account creation’). As such, we don’t often link to it, not to mention people who want it want to isolate themselves because they feel they have to for some odd reason (There’s a Hidden Tab and you can lock your server…)

Thanks… I was just curious.
Well I just wanted to look through the code and see if I could understand a bit more about the code and structure of GServer and Serverlist.

GServer: “Honey I’m home”
Serverlist: “That’s nice dear, go check on the Kids, Billy:2830 wants in your room.”
GServer: “Was it Billy:2830?”
Serverlist: “Yeah.”
GServer: “Approved!”

Oh lovely. IT Humor… >.<

Also, you need to know how to compile, since we don’t distribute a compiled version.

Source Code locations: