Costa de Agua

Hey everyone!
It has been a while since I posted on GRB website but I was wondering if anyone has the original file of Costa de Agua player world (not the one shrimps made awhile back for GRB.
It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me out in my long journey for these files.
You can contact me here or on discord Rice2k#0001

I’m also looking for these files as well.

*Mithica - server files
*Atlantis - server files for any point in time (not the 2002 version, I already have that)
*Frolic - server files
*Faheria - server files
*Graal Desktop theme
*Shadow Dragons - npcs or website backup

you will receive nothing, and like it

Zin, Why don’t you crawl back up in the hole you came out of <3 :mouse2:

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only if you come with me

Sounds like a adventure bae ;D

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ight now thats sounding a bit sus rice

Oh god, you are here as well @Wesley. Lord have mercy.

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no RPing


Why do you need the files?

Well Costa de Agua Server Files I have been searching awhile for since it was the first playerworld I played on and I just want to remember the fun I had. Mithica was the 3rd playerworld I played on and I cant seem to find the original files for that either. The rest of the files are for me to add to my collection of graal files. But if anything I just want CDA server files to be honest.

I feel that way about old Delteria. But any server packs I’ve found of Delteria are never old enough. I miss the old days where Icepik was a prick and Knuckle’s had a house. And the GP station was to the left of onlinestartlocal.

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yea idk why im here but i am

Wow. Costa de Agua, i remember playing that server and being staff for a short time.
But i don’t have any files.

Same here. I was staff for awhile when PJM2K hired me as a GP. I used to have the files on a old hard but that hard drive went bad :[

GP, FAQ/PR, and GC/ET don’t count as staff. Anyone can get one of those position and you aren’t expect to do anything.