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FINALLY I feel like I’m starting to make good headway into a game that can function enough on its own. For those who are curious about what exactly is coming in this server as I have kind of been lacking on the exact content, I’m gonna outline some of that crap here.

Leveling/Experience/Stat Points:

I’d say this is pretty much defines the type of game I am aiming for. Hack n’ slash, grab n’ go, slaying experience extraordinaire. As far as going on a stretch and doing something new, I’m gonna say not. It’s pretty much your basic stat and leveling system. Most EXP points will be gained by killing baddies, but small amounts will be gained from doing just about anything really, I.E. digging for shells, fishing, taming creatures. Each level-up you will get a couple points to put towards increasing your stats.

There are five main stats you can add to:

Strength - Mainly increases power and carry weight, also affects defense and HP. Receives an Agility +1 bonus for every 10 points.

Agility - Mainly increases dodge and speed, also affects accuracy and concentration. Receives a Strength +1 bonus for every 10 points.

Vitality - Mainly increases defense and HP, also affects power and carry weight . Receives a Focus +1 bonus for every 10 points.

Focus - Mainly increases accuracy and concentration, also affects dodge and speed. Receives a Vitality +1 bonus for every 10 points.

Luck - Increases critical hit percentage, makes small aspects of the game easier.

Each main stat primarily affects one secondary stat:

Power (POW) - Greatly increases your attack strength except in the case of all gun-type weapons

Accuracy (ACY) - Fairly self-explanatory, it also increases attack slightly for melee weapons, and moreso for projectile weapons.

Dodge (DGE) - Percentage rate of having an enemy attack miss you, however it is worth it to note that no blast attacks can be dodged.

Defense (DEF) - Is what it is, it will be the percentage of damage that you block from enemy attack.

Critical Hit (CRIT) - Percentage of inflicting 100% damage on your opponent, bypassing their defense and dodge.

Concentration will be what skills use, sort of like MP basically. HP is pretty self explanatory, it’s your health. Both will regenerate slowly over time.


This is one of the parts that gets me excited about how this game is turning out. There will be six slots for six different types of equipment that a player can equip, weapons, accessories, shields, shoes, armor, and hats. And yes, it goes without saying that these all effect your appearance, body, shield, hat, duh.


Calm down, my aim is to preserve Graal’s ability to look the way you want. First off, most bodies, hats, weapons, and shields will be available for purchase in stores. However, in the stores they will have stats set to reasonable numbers according to what the equipment actually is, I.E. gangster hat has less defense then the iron helmet. So what if you want to have a gangster hat that IS as strong as a helmet? Kill yourself some bad guys. When bad guys drop equipment it will be special, and in most cases stronger then the equipment that is bought in shops. There is also a chance that they may have extra stat bonuses that the ones in shops don’t have. And since all equipment will have the same cap on how strong it can be, the strongest gangster hat you find will be just as good as the strongest iron helmet you find. This creates a nice variety and uniqueness for all the equipment in the game, and allows for players to tailor their characters for the exact stats they need while looking the way they wish.


Nothing too special to say here, there will be two types of items, consumable and non-consumable.

Consumable items will pretty much be limited to refilling HP and concentration.

Non-consumable items define every other item in the game. The majority of these items are either bad guy loot (stuff that baddies drop that’s only purpose is to be sold for money) and items that are needed for the completion of quests or recipes.


There will be several types of weapons that will be available in the game. All of which can be used by all characters, there will be no restrictions on who can use what weapons. Most (or all, I am unsure as of now) weapons will have a primary attack (S key) and a secondary attack (D key). However, there will be a restriction to what types of weapons are able to be upgraded by skills.

Upgradable Weapons:

Swords - Basic trusty melee weapon. Damage is mainly affected by power. Inflicts slash damage.

Clubs (Baseball Bats, Hammers) - Heavier, slighly slower melee weapon. Damage is mainly affected by power. Inflicts bash damage. Has the ability to break rocks.

Handguns - Lightweight, high damage, quick projectile weapon. Damage is greatly affected by accuracy. Inflicts bullet damage. Secondary attack is a melee pistol whip that inflicts light bash damage.

Shotguns - Heavy, relatively slow weapon. Fires in a cone attack, as a shotgun should, increasing the chance of hitting your target greatly. Damage is mainly affected by accuracy. Inflicts bullet damage. Secondary attack is a melee shotgun butt that inflicts light bash damage.

Bows - Lightweight projectile weapon. Slower then a handgun, and weaker at first. Bow damage is affected a lot by both accuracy and power, which allows for them to become stronger in the long run. Arrow skills also have the ability to inflict status ailments such as freeze, burn, stun, etc. Inflicts arrow damage.

Knives - Quick melee weapon, but shorter range then a sword or a club. Damage mainly affected by power. Inflicts slash damage.

NON-Upgradable Weapons:

Machine Guns - Rapid fire projectile weapon, fairly light damage per shot. Damage somewhat affected by accuracy. Inflicts bullet damage…

Freeze Rifle - Freezes enemies for a period of time, inflicts a small amount of freeze damage.

Stungun - Electrocutes, thereby disabling, another player for as long as you remain electrocuting them. Causes no damage.

Flamethrower - Has a very high chance of setting enemies aflame. Causes fire damage.

Rocket Launcher - Duh. Inflicts blast damage.

Homing Missile - Like the rocket launcher, only seeks out players. Inflicts blast damage.

Laser Gun - Fires beams which hit the player and shock them. Inflicts shock damage.

Others - All non-weapons (fishing pole, shovel, etc) will have a simple melee attack as the secondary attack.


So what exactly do I mean by upgradable weapons? Every five levels a player will receive one skill point to put towards a new skill. There will be several different types of skill classes, each one tailored to a specific type of character, I.E. swordsman, grenadier, gunman. Some classes will be specifically geared towards upgrading and using one type of weapon and fighting style (I.E. gunman, swordsman), other classes will be more about learning new skills or additional attack methods to use in battle (I.E. grenadier, clairvoyant).

However, players will not be forced to choose one class exclusively. They will have the choice to be able to learn any type of skills for any of the classes, and each class will have six skills in all that can be learned.

The only restriction is that the skills for each class must be learned in consecutive order. There are two types of skills in this game.

Passive skills, which just add bonuses to your character, I.E. increase pistol damage, increase bullet resistance.

Also active skills, which are new types of attack that a player can learn, I.E. grenade throw, double swing, ice arrow.

I am just going to list the classes here along with all of their skills in order, I won’t go into much detail on what some of the skills are as this is the part of the game that is most incomplete and most subject to change before release. As you notice, some skill classes are unfinished do not have all six skills yet. Skill class sets that are finished have a star next to them.

*Gunman (Pistols) - Six Shot, Increase Pistol Damage, Direct Hit, Increase Firing Speed, Increase Accuracy, Spinfire

Mercenary (Shotguns) - Rock Salt, Increase Shotgun Damage, Mega Blast, Increase Bullet Resistance, Increase Firing Speed,

*Grenadier - Grenade Throw, Increase Throwing Speed, Increase Blast Resistance, Grenade Mortar, Increase Grenade Damage, Kamikaze

Warrior (Clubs) - Uber Smash, Increase Club Damage

Assassin - Hide, Swift, Increase Dodge, Increase Speed, Shadow Cloud

*Clairvoyant - Mental Throw, Projectile Shield, Increase Shock Resistance, Sonic Boom, Increase Concentration, Confusion

Woodsman - Increase Pet Attack, Increase Pet Defense, Extra Pet, Extra Pet, Protectorate

*Swordsman (Swords) - Double Swing, Sword Charge, Increase Sword Damage, Deflect, Counter Attack, Ground Blaster

*Bowman (Bows) - Triple Shot, Fire Arrow, Increase Bow Damage, Charge Shot, Ice Arrow, Arrow Bomb

Fighter (Knives) - Increase Knife Damage,

The maximum level (for now) is going to be 100, therefore a player will have a chance to learn a total of 20 skills. This allows a player to either master a select few classes or spread out his skill points over the classes as he/she pleases.

Bad Guys:

So what about bad guys? Yeah there will be quite a few, and there’s not really too much to say. Each bad guy will have his own weapon and skills that they can use. Some can only do one attack, some can do more, I.E. robots use several different types of projectile weapons. Stronger baddies will yield higher EXP points and better items, as per the rules set down by the RPG guidelines defined so long ago. For now the rule will be for the person who hits the baddy first is who will get all the items and EXP from that baddy. EXP and items will be dropped in one little package that can only be picked up by the player with the same accountname who killed the baddy. The player will have 15 minutes to claim his items and/or EXP before the baddy respawns.

Some bad guys will also have the ability to be tamed, depending on your level. These little critters will follow you around and attack anything that you attack. Each player can only have one pet, with exception to the woodsman class.

Combat Types:

There are quite a few different ways that players and enemies can exchange damage. Each of which may have slightly different rules or may cause ailments. Also, there is only a certain percentage that your defense can actually reduce from.

Example: 85% of slash damage can be defended. So if someone slashes you for 100 points, that means that 85 of those damage points are capable of being defended, and 15 points aren’t. So, if your defense is 50%, then you can reduce the 85 points by half, to roughly 42 points. This means the total damage you will take from this 100 point slash will be 15 + 42 = 57.

Slash - Inflicted by all blade weapons. 85% of damage caused is able to be blocked by an defense.

Bash - Inflicted by non-blade melee attacks. 95% of damage caused is able to be blocked by defense.

Blast - Any and all explosive-type attacks. 50% of damage caused is able to be blocked by defense, blasts cannot be dodged. There is also a small chance of setting your enemies on fire.

Fire - Any flame or fire related attacks. 60% of damage caused is able to be blocked by defense. High chance of setting enemies on fire.

Shock - Electrical and energy attacks. 25% of damage caused is able to be blocked by defense. Enemies are paralyzed for the duration of the attack, and a few seconds thereafter.

Freeze - Frost type attacks. 40% of damage caused is able to be blocked by defense. High chance of freezing your enemies for a duration of time. During which time any and all attacks they receive are reduced to 5%. Can be broken by bash, fire, and blast attacks.

Bullet - All gun weapons. 75% of damage caused is able to be blocked by defense.

Arrow - All bows. 80% of damage caused is able to be blocked by defense.

More to come!

Good luck with that

Straight forward to the basic rpg outline. But your pitch seems professional, and noone has really been doing this for graal, so it sounds pretty fun.

I’m not playing the Era card. The weapons will be of some quality I assure you. And as for the machine guns themselves, there is a reason they aren’t upgradable. I want to discourage people from using them as they won’t be as effective as stat and skill based weapons.

They won’t fire off an insane amount of projectiles causing immense lag. As well, they will have to be reloaded constantly, making them very costly and slowing down the flow of bullets. Honestly, I wanted to have them in the game just for for some added fun. Just like the stungun really. These weapons won’t be very effective, but just fun to use.

And if machine guns do cause any sort of problem, I won’t have any problem yankin’ them from the server. :]