CTF Server Idea

While I wasn’t exploiting the weapon shop on Lumina I came up with a nifty server idea that might work pretty well.

In Lumina’s weapon shop you can pick up the item you want and carry it to the counter or toss it, so that it goes back to its proper place. All that prevents you from carrying it out is a door, but you can still use unstick me. Once you get it out you can toss it in any level and it goes back to the x and y it’s supposed to be in if it were in the store. (You can also lose it in takeplayercarry levels)

I’m not sure whether it can be done without npc server, but I’m thinking some kind of temple with a sphere that when stolen will kick off a flag that lets baddies spawn all over the place until somebody takes the sphere back to the temple room and tosses it so it can go back onto its spot. (The temple will remain peaceful, but every other level will spawn baddies upon entry if the server flag is on.)

The sphere would automatically go to the same coordinate in each level, so that spot might have obstacles that keep some players from reaching it unless they have the right equipment. That coordinate would have to be attainable in every level and there couldn’t be any takeplayercarry scripts, unless the thief managed to get the sphere to some kind of monster or something.

Assuming you can just set one server flag to whether or not the sphere is in the temple the server would be pretty simple to get going, a last known location marked on the map would be helpful as well. Mostly want to know if a server flag will do the job, if so I’ll generate a small map and get it detailed with some quests and such.

I work nights have school during the day, but after exams next week I’ll have plenty of time to knock out some levels during the day until I pick up another job.

I’m not sure a “CTF server” makes sense but the CTF event idea sounds pretty exciting. Sounds very possible for the most part and from my past knowledge of scripting not toooo complicated, but I could be wrong? hahah. Been so long since i’ve did scripting. I’m actually looking for people willing to help make events for my server? =p. You’ll definitely get full credit, obviously. If you’re interested you could just send me a PM. =D

I had planned a very thorough CTF game for Graal(and actually developed a large chunk of it), involving power-ups like: temp speed boost, temp attack boost, temp shield boost, ammo and so on… predefined list of weapons, hotkeys for said weapons, and a radar that showed where flags were(in the form of an arrow around your player). Also developed a detailed GUI to start CTF matches with tons of options, including what weapons would be in the match, if they started with them, team organization and minor settings like radar on/off. It was fun, and very detailed, but I think way over my head and no one wanted to help :frowning:

I just meant like CTF, the “flag” is either where it belongs, thus no baddies, or left on any other level. I guess I’m going to make it a bush, seeing as everything shows as a bush when carried anyway. Might encourage people to take the “flag” by making quests require it to fight bosses. I think I’ll work in classes and strong bosses to encourage multi-player questing as well. I’ll keep it simple at first and make it more complex in stages if I follow through.

Sounds fun. Good luck with this project! :slight_smile:

A CTF script has been done, already. I use it and it works fine.


lol, have you actually read anything in this thread?

Wtf I made something? Anyway, this thread sounds pretty sweet. If shiny want’s to throw his previous stuff in and try to make something cool with it, I want in.

P.s. when did interesting people start appearing everywhere on the forum?

I think everybody else is responding to the title, we should try writing some random stuff about people in long posts and see who even skims them.

Dunno, but it’s sure is great. :smiley:

Hopefully we’ll have good enough content to bring people soon. :smiley:

I can make decent looking websites for any project that starts looking good. I made 2 in like 4hrs the other day using 1 stock picture and some shady photoshop brushes.

someone said it tried to install japanese fonts when going to one my sites tho. Side effect of trying to play good foreign games.


Nope. ^.^ I think I’ll do that, now.

Even after reading, I still think it’s applicable. They can use that script to expand on and achieve their goal. From the initial description, it doesn’t sound that hard to do. It’s just that the baddies won’t be able to do anything till there are people on the zones where they spawn.

Dusty, you over-productive machine, stop being a saint. Go PK and lose some AP so I can taunt you for at least one fault.

Generated a map real quick, but it’s a tad huge… The lake is going to be a swamp like area, so you can get around it with the bush, and the right half is mostly mountain. I’ll get some of the mountain area cleaned up and place the temple, drop a town in the lowlands in the middle, detail those areas, and get the swamp going. I’m thinking about having lily pads and such that help you negotiate the swamp and hide the fins in the general area, so you have to manage getting around without them for awhile.

Looks pretty good. If it was me, i’d try to make it even smaller. Takes a long time to cover ground in Graal, even on horseback(depending on what kind of flag carrying script you use, you won’t be able to carry flag and ride) that might just be a buzz kill trying to run it that far.

No, it doesn’t! o.o Graal City to Destiny looks far apart on a map but it’s only a walk of 2 minutes.

That’s long…