Currency of the Interwebs!

I can haz 7 curencieez?

I think E-Gold or PayPal is a more likely candidate for currency on the Internet.

Oh wait it says Interwebs. Yeah, cats.

what is this i don


rofl more pix of his cats?

I already told you of this, when I said I was violating the digital camera to get it to take better pictures. :open_mouth:

I know >:O

My favorite is the fat-ass. Reminds me of Sunny.

o.O Can I haz?

Those are yours? Tell them I said hi.

gender confused

I am changing the topic title. Dontar must know about this.

the 2nd pic looks like my Amy, if you look closely at my facebook picture…im holding my cat…

if you look closely at my facebook picture

im a hippie

if you look closely in beholder’s pants, very closely,

you may find a penis

I wouldn’t be placing any bets against me in a jousting contest.

I don’t think anyone wants to bump stick with you.

i must see this alleged facebook picture