Custom Bow

I would like a custom bow script and maybe a template for the bow too. I would like it so it’s like a giant bow that shoots fireballs with maybe a custom gani or just a shield that will default to your old shield once finished using.

i sent you a PM(on your server.) with a script that will do basically what you’re talking about. It will explode on impact with anything and will shoot in the direction you’re facing. You can also set the ani to whatever you want to, and if you want I can even make it freeze the player shooting it for a few seconds. I dunno of a good gani off the top of my head and I didn’t feel like making a custom one. Enjoy.

I can also make it minus a bomb or arrow or whatever if you want me to make it do that too, XD. Right now you can shoot it an infinite amount of times without running out.

Deleted because it’s spam? he’s requesting scripts. With no mention of even attempting it himself.

if anyone could lead me to a bow shooting gani i would be very happy

Just replace the word I put after setani with shoot

Should be good enough for now, eh?

Edit: Pmed you on forum a slightly more evolved script I made because I was bored.

uh, oops. change that “playerchats” I was using for testing in that more advanced script to weaponfired and you should be all ready to go.


Spooon! Save us!

Notice the [Request] tag. Notice how he didn’t use the [Help] tag. Chicken, he’s within his rights to be asking. I deleted those two posts for the reason I stated above. :3 <3 ya’ Also, thanks Vicious for helping.

Notice the forum description

Need help making levels, npcs or graphics? Want to share a playerworld? Post in this section.

this dude is more like at the drive-thru talkin bout’ yeah lemme get uhhh a custom bow script with a side of matching template and a uhh hold up… a uh, a custom shoot gani

Final argument Skoopa, notice the sub-forum description.

Post/Share any NPCs which you made here.

It says nothing about “help making”. The description you quoted was for the main forum “Development”.

Development Main:

NPC Sub:

I know exactly what he’s like, but that’s no reason to post non-helpful/spam messages. Which are exactly what I removed, pure spam.
It’s very simple, either help or don’t say anything. Say something when he’s in the wrong. This thread is in the right and shouldn’t be flamed/spammed.


I’m laughing about jokes made about me but I gotta say, that’s hilarious. :oo:


(i beat spooon to it)

benjiro, I rekon you should use the shoot command and actionprojectile. Someone might have already given you a script for this but just in case…

setshootparams 1,10; //first number is just a reference to tell the receiving object what to do and the second number in this case is bomb radius
shoot playerx+vecx(playerdir)*2,playery+vecy(playerdir)*2,playerz,getangle(vecx(playerdir),vecy(playerdir)),0,0,'putprojectileganihere',;
setani 'putplayershootingganihere',;

Receiving object

if (actionprojectile){
  if (strtofloat(#p(0)){
    putexplosion strtofloat(#p(1)),playerx,playery;

Whatever image you do use, make sure that you save edits under a different name and simply change the image name in the script. Otherwise you’ll overwrite the original image for everybody that plays.

for instance,

Door.png, the image that comes with graal, is already a known classic item. Please do not save your image as it with something that looks different.

I mean, comon would you really want

to be overwritten with something like…

Could have been worse.

o i c wat u did thar.

I’ve seen that before. :o

rofl Door