I’m finally getting first world fiber Internets sometime in June. Unlimited 50mbps for less than I’m paying for an 8gb monthly allowance of third world satellite. (Upgradable to 100mbps, or 1gbps if I want.) I have no other friends so I thought I’d tell you guys. :smiley:

that’s great

I get 5mbps down and .5mbps up

That sounds faster than a hard drive can read or write O_O

typical kebab speeds

Sweet. I wonder when Canada will smarten up and get Fiber here

are you kidding me dude? I didn’t even think you could get lower than 10mbps in this country. Get off Wifi if you’re on it.

^typical poorfag connection in the GTA

A few more years of this and then I can get out of Canada for good.

Canada is fine. It’s the internet that sucks. If you want good internet you’re going to have to put up with a racist country like South Korea. No thanks man.

Harper needs to fucking go and stay go.