Damasca Revival 2010: instant server, just add water

You might remember I tried hosting the original Damasca here a while back. I stopped doing it for these reasons:

  • The world was too huge for the average playercount around here. It was three 16x8 overworlds!!
  • I never found a reliable host. People were interested, old players came back, but the server never stayed up.
  • At the time, client and server bugs meant many of the NPCs were old and busted.

So, in the interest of bringing in some old players and showing how a server should be made, I’ve come up with a new plan and I hope maybe someone can help out. Remember this map, that comes packed in with some older clients?

We stopped using these levels when we switched to the huge world, but I still have them. It’s a nice, small 8x8 overworld with plenty of space, so I should be able to cram pretty much everything into it and have a new playable server in way less time than it would normally take.

But to make this really work, I need a host. LAT would be nice, but I can do most of it myself. Scripting is a spotty issue: particularly, I don’t have any scripts archived for Kingdom Wars (conquering territory and keeping score), and a few features are so old they haven’t been rewritten since 1.41!

If I can’t get any assistance, I might have to give up, since nobody who worked on the original Damasca is still around to bother.

You guys might as well post if you’re interested in this, or if you can help in any way. I’m not really going to impose a rigid staff structure here.

Which kingdom is that?

i can make the kingdom wars pm me

Hey, I don’t have Damasca. Do you want to send it to me for archival purposes on my DVD?

I like the look of your new world, nice and small. Could do with some better levelling though, see a fair few empty grass levels.
Just add a dirt pathway to them or something simple, hate overdetailed levels :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends on the version of Damasca. Old. Kind of old (Dart and I worked on this on). Current verson in the image.

Dart… Dart… Sounds familiar. Think he was in WDK. O_o

Dart Zaiyder.

Didn’t think it would be the same guy :smiley: This one had an equally freaky last name, but started with an L O_o

If you have them, send all versions you have to me.

[email protected]

Too many computers have died for there to be any hope of me still having one.

Thanks, but Damasca doesn’t really belong on the Graal DVD. We never considered it a part of Graal in the first place, to us it was just this engine we used for our private project. So we pretty much keep our content “in the community”. The last time it was collected anywhere else, one of our heads wound up being the default Baddy head from 2.0 onward! I hope you understand.
This thread is here because Reborn gives us a chance to draw on some experienced people, and have a few more players than we would otherwise for this little revival.

Anyway… Progress is slow since I’m working alone on these levels, but here is the latest revision:

I’m doing away with the urban sprawl of the old map and cramming it into one town. The rest of the overworld can now be used for scenery, like any Zelda game.

No offence, this is just the lat in me talking, but the islands and mountains are all rectangular, you may want to take some chunks out of them in parts to distort the shape.

I think the mountain is coming off pretty good from what is in those pictures. However the cliff to water edges scream out ‘levelgen’ given their rigidness

Lambo demands you add beer instead.

Niice. You kept all of the good stuff! That town and the little cliff area with the beach. You going to keep the wasps, dragons, and crabs? What about heart pieces? Oh, and levels/experience.

Anyways, it looks like he’s shaping out the islands.


If you’re going to be a grammar nitpicker, do it right.

*pieces *Nice


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Nice, Kept all the good stuff! That town, and the little cliff area with the beach. Are you going to keep the wasps, dragons, and crabs? What about the heart pieces? Oh, and the levels/experience?

Good on the lack of general typos but your grammar is just as poor. Try again.

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