Damn Man

Some dick broke my math binder in class today and all the shit fell on the floor :[

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Same guy tried to kick my locker closed too…

Kid’s name was Hakeem or something like that.

Wait, I did all that to Panajima earlier!

Who threw sand in Hakeem’s vag?


Fuckin’ dick. I dun like you much. I want to rip your guts out and feed them to my pet wolf on Xialza. Yeah, my pet, fucking, wolf. I will rip you into shreds you little bitch! Rape, rape, RAPE. That is what you will be screaming fucker. I will come to your house, and rape your dog, then eat it! Yes, I will eat it.

You’re a fucking faggot, mang.


Dood! What’s Kondie gonna do now, dood?

Haha didnt know hakeem was kondie i was wondering what i did to piss him off xD

Dont worry Its not hard to piss kondie off… I dont know why he tolerates my failed scripting >.<