Darkblade is finally gone!

Thanks to Cadavre removing Darkblade as moderator, I finally got to ban him. WOOOO! CELEBRATION!

I <3 You, Spooon

Graal Reborn is finally a happy place!

I just farted, so how is it relevant?
The smell will be gone soon.



Let us remember my good deeds.

I remember this kid really rustled my jimmies. Pretty sure he had autism or something.

He was part of the kunami clan or something. An elite force of hackers.

All the shit he claimed to be were characters and shit from the cartoon Code Lyoko.

And I think it was the Ookami Clan, some shit from Naruto.

I tried to join it. He didnt think I was good enough.


I’m so happy I’m dancing like this man (without the chicken)

so you’re black?

No… :frowning:

That awkward moment…


He’s not black, he has Revitiligo!

He’s back

Probably not even him.

I hear the Ookami clan is actually in control of the NSA