Dear Bronies

Dear the bronies on Reborn that don’t exist.
Read this
And I’m also looking for some good fics to read and sharpen my writing skills, thanks all :slight_smile:

You should try tumblr.

yeah tumblr.
go for it, you’ll meet tonnes of bronies.

If not just go to fucking /b/ haha…

I sit here reading Blaze’s “cool story”. Dear god why the hell do I even bother caring these days. I could be playing Skyrim or making levels for Graal. This is so stupid. Nobody even plays Graal. I wish I had a girlfriend. My dad comes into the room. ‘Dylan, god dammit get a life! You sit here on these forums all day and talk about useless shit with these tools.’ I object ‘THESE ARE MY FRIENDS!’ My dad laughs ‘Yeah, because you have no friends in real life.’ my mom enters the room, it seems she has decided to pick on me too. 'You know nothing about video game design don’t lie to us about y

I stopped writing because I didn’t care

You can meet other fandom people on tumblr that are into the fandoms you are, lots of whom write fan fiction and draw fan art and such. Doesn’t matter what you like.MLP, homestuck, furries, doctor who,glee.Whatever… dumb stuff you’re into.Like me. Furries, TF2, Homestuck, Zelda, Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed, L4D, etc

like dis if u cry evry tiem

My post always loses newlines. See. Gone.