Decompression Error and ensueing problems

I hosted Dreamscape briefly earlier to check bugs and encountered a decompression error. Upon experiencing the decompression error spam, I was promptly disconnected. I logged back in and entered the same level that caused the error (incase it was a fluke), but the same thing happened again.

I rebooted the server and experienced the problem again. Except this time, any updates I do to my levels only appear offline, in the editor. I have tried editting whilst I’m online and using the ‘update level’ command and editting offline and saving the levels that way. Nothing works. Also, the server is not loading account information properly, the inventory is remaining blank aside from the usual bow and bomb. Other players are also experiencing the decompression error.

I’m running the latest Gserver2.

I’m beginning to feel the error may of done some serious damage to either the .exe, the fileconfig or the files themselves :confused:

If you need anymore information, just ask. I’ll check back when I get the chance.

Thanks in advance.

This happened to me with some classic levels.

Delete the level from the server entirely, then re-upload it.

I’ve PMed you with the level, Nalin.

EDIT: I just tried what you suggested, Kalzor. No luck. Thanks anyway.

EDIT2: Managed to fix almost everything. The music was due to bad filenames (capital letters for the lose), the lighting was due to…err…I forgot to turn it on in the client ;_;. And the decompression error seemed to be caused by the bad music filenames but for some reason only affected the adjoining the levels. /shrug

Anyway, no more problems. I just need to swap the weapon files over to the new format and we’re all set I think.