Delteria Reborn Classes!

Ok so I know now the classes i have on delteria reborn are shit and need to be redone. Not to mention there are classes that dont really make sense, or that have the same npc’s as another class. Here is what i need: Scriter or scripters, to help me redo the classes and their NPC’s. Here are my ideas right now:

Each class will provide the player with 6 NPC weapons to use. 2 of these weapons will always be:

  1. A MP refiller and 2. A warpring that will warp the player to the guildhouse of their respective
    class. These weapons are mainly just for aiding in completeing of quests but I want them to be able to be used against other players
    as well (able to hurt other players for example).

So basically each class will get 4 weapon NPCs, a warpring, and a magic refiller npc.

CLASSES: (there used to be like 15, so bringing it down to this is not only more manageble, but makes more sense because a lot of the old classes were dumb :B)

Mage --scripts done–
Bomber --scripts done–

Weapon name: Battle Shout

Effect: temporarily gives the player +1 to their swordpower while displaying the words “YOU ARE ENRAGED” above
the player’s head. When the effect stops, you will say: “Your rage subsided”. When the effect is
over, the player receives the swordpower they originaly had.

Duration: 10 seconds

cost: 50 MP

Weapon name: Charge Attack

Effect: When used you charge until you hit a wall or something blocking.

this is already scripted, but could use some work

Weapon name: Mace

Effect: standard graal mace npc

this is already scripted

Weapon name: Throwing Axe

Effect: Throws an axe (i have the images). When the axe hits a player or misses and lands
the axe should dissappear from the ground after 1 second.

cost: 1 arrow

Those are the 4 weapons for the warrior class that i thought of. If you are willing to help me please post here or PM me on the forums. This project shouldnt take that long since i have the images needed for everything. If anyone else has other ideas for weapons for the other classes, post here.


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Old Delteria was amazing with it’s class usage c: It really was an interesting concept to a game haha
If you need any help with script construction I’d be willing to help xp I have more than enough reference to show that I’m capable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well i decided to do the scripts myself, although most of it was taking bits and pieces from other scripts and putting them together to work, but anyway, all the NPC’s are done for the 6 classes. Twiggy you can still look at the scripts if you’d like, i know some still arent hitting players correctly (mace, boomerang, etc).

It’d be better if you wanted to make other random NPC’s though ;]

Hmmm… You have classes for everything… Except horses! Add a cavalry class. It could have things like a portable horse, and if you are ever to have the time to make one, a lance npc weapon. I also could think up some ideas for bomber, assuming you are still taking ideas on classes that are already scripted.

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