Derailin' Shit

Rune Factory is a terrible excuse for real Harvest Moon.

… damn it not sure if should derail conversation further to tell you how much I disagree.

Message me in private, foo.

I have never liked Harvest Moon. Those games are just boring to me. Even Neopets has fighting.

Neopets was cool once I guess.

Harvest Moon is a boring game, I just happen to like boring games sometimes.
At least it’s not farmville. Another terrible excuse for harvest moon.

Cool story: harvest moon is the only good farm simulator
now throw out the gameboy ones and snes ones and a bunch of the others in fact here are the only good harvest moon games

Harvest Moon 64 (it’s a classic and its bitchin hard wow but good game especially when a hurricane takes all your shit you spent years building thats brutal and metal as fuck)
Harvest Moon Its A Wonderful Life for Gamecube or whatever wow dont play another wonderful life thats the girls version its only ok and you can be a lesbian with the curry girl so the game serves no purpose apart from dating the boys mm the hippie

see if you play the gamecube one and you have an action replay you can spawn cows inside houses and other cool shit hail satan

The SNES one and GBA one are my favourite ones though T_T

I haven’t played Rune Factory, but I played Back to Nature on PSX. One of the best PSX games I played, to be honest. I’ve always been a fan of the underappreciated professions in games, like farming.

Then again, I’m not going to buy Farming Simulator on STEAM. Hell no.

Best PSX game? SaGa Frontier II.

There are way too many awesome PSX games to determine a best.

Sure you can, and it’s SaGa Frontier II. Although, a bunch of less-than-reputable websites would place Final Fantasy VII as the best. But what the fuck do they know that I don’t?

That they’re gay for Cloud Strife.

That or Sephiroth.

I said ONE OF the best! I’d be hard-pressed to pick one that I’d consider to be the best.

SaGa Frontier II, duh.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Good game, but SaGa Frontier II is the best game I have ever played.

Just adding to the list, that’s all


Disgaea was fun. Phantom Brave, too.

Saga Frontier II is the best game I’ve never played then.