Desert Tileset

Does anyone have a tileset with decent desert stuff on it, or one that is completely desert based?

herm… desert tiles that’ll work with Graal will be difficult to find

there was only a couple server’s that had good desert tile set’s , old west was one , there was another . dont remmber if it was val or some other server .

N-Pulse has some nice ones…

so does your motherNever seen a desert tileset properly pulled off, except maybe Ol’ West.

I worked on Ol’ West. :open_mouth:

There were some really nice desert tiles floating around, made by Tom. I don’t remember which server was using them… Main forums should have screenshots floating around, enough to rip from.

Ahahaha, Tom. Major horn dog, always looking at anime and porn. Enough to rival Spooon even.

Do you have the tileset from that or is that the screenshot of Toms tiles?

Just a screenshot, and apparently not even the real version, just a screenshot with the sand photoshopped in. Still more than enough to rip the tiles themselves and make their own tileset out of them.

Silly to go through the work of shopping it when you could just really replace the tiles lol

I agree, i’ll go look into the ol’west tiles tho

I’m pretty sure Rufus made that image… Pretty sure.

that is kinda awsome… i think i will be ripping from that to see what i can do with it.