Design Philsophies and shit.


Try lowering your screen’s brightness and tweaking the contrast if you haven’t already. It helped me a lot, I had that thing where the screen became blurry and dazzling if I looked at it at night.


I have serious eyesight issues which are the cause, unfortunately. I have it ad both ends of the spectrum it goes to shit with darker colours, but also to bright.


Worked some more on nested actions. I still have a lot of kinks to work out, but all the basic functionality is there. Got things registering parents at creation time and started working on transferring parents/ownership of objects.


Added trap npcs and triggerables. You can trigger one NPC and every npc inside of it will in turn be trigger (super angry npcs XD) Example is using the suspicious box which has a bunch of damage traps. It used to have a teleport in it also, but I removed it so I didn’t need to open another level to edit. Also started working on riddles/questions. Super early stuff, but it seems to be going decently.

I’ve also been emssing around with the rendering of text, to steer away from what I am using now and writ my own that can handle colour etc. So I can colour code commands, items, etc. Had a lot of trouble with it so far, but should get there.


Cats are better


You can’t just stick this in a JLabel and use html tags to handle all of that?


Good call, but I did want to have a crack at doing it myself. I experimented with the stylized JText components when I was working on the text editor. that I created and it certainly would work for this quite nicely as a backup plan for this. However, I’m in no rush to finish this as it has always been an experimental and practicing thing.

Made some progress on the quizz/guess system.Just need to setup a way to block normal input into the main game, have the riddle be able to have customization fail states. e.g damage on failure, teleport on failure, w/e and then just possibly clean up some code with it. It
's not super nice code atm. I’ld call it a rough version.


Rebuilt the entire multi choice system to work with any type of object. I can now use it for handling results like true or false, returning objects of any type. Useful for name conflicts and editing options or something to that effect. Took a fair bit, but it’s working quite nicely.


Handling entity name conflicts now with the multi choice. Also allowed for Win/Fail actions to be performed. All loaded in the room file. Currently just some basic ones. Say the equivalent of you suck for getting it wrong, damage the player, congrats, heal the player and give an item to the player. I may add in triggering of NPCs within the room, but I might start working on a better UI instead or saving/loading or lexer and parser stuff for input.

The other thing I wouldn’t mind doing, maybe, is to use the choice system to create a battle system, but that would be something for way later and if I decide to continue working on this once the other crap I mentioned is finished XD


How does one create a text adventure with your thing?


Right now it’s just in a text editor via XML. Next step after this stuff, I’ll whip up a quick graphical editor for creating the scenes etc.


Right now it’s still early, but meh, after a few days of trial, experimenting and tons of error. I finally have something lol. Still tons of aligning, bugs, auto-scaling to do, but I am hopeful. The text area at the bottom is temporary also, just for testing purposes.


I follow the Keep-It-Simple-Stupid philosophy, or KISS for short.

Implement a bare-bones solution, thinking about design along the way. Every time I encounter a problem (usually data flow between objects), I note it down and then hack it together to work. Once I have a ‘functional’ solution, I then go back and fix it so it’s elegant and won’t blow over if there’s a slight breeze.

I have a major problem with analysis paralysis. I used to design everything meticulously from the get-go and I’d end up using most of my time drawing up designs instead of actually developing code.

EDIT: Bad habit of inserting random words mid-sentence.


Depending on how complex I think a system is going to be I will lay down and think on it and write some notes, sketches, etc now. I did this when figuing out my saving system, which turned out to be easy as pie, lol. However, I have been just cranking what you have said with a barebones XP style and then just working on it more andmaking it more efficient, with refactoring when I need to etc.

Just feffectively done the same with a loading system. Which was super easy because of how much work I put into my multi choice system :smiley: I have also finished the player state saving and loading. So, it all works correctly. I still have a few things to work on with formatting the saved files, maybe encrypting it also.

I ended up putting my own UI stuff on the heap, as It was taking up a lot of effort and time. I did however get it scaling, resizing, etc correctly with accurate text positions.

Once I have done with the save/load system completely, I will be working on the input system. Deciding if I go super simple or straight up making a parser for it. As I have been reading into compilers/interpreters etc.Would be interesting to try it out and would be kinda neat to have a broad dictionary for e.g look a, peer at, stare at, examine, etc.


Got my text engine to a nice enough stage, even though I never implemented string input haha, but I think I might move on from it now. It was an excellent project for learning from.

Anyways, I can finally do some more things again and I have been learning/messing around with LibGDX and some trigonometry. This is all just testing stuff and I thought it looked kinda neat.

The stars in the background were meant to make a snowfall effect, rather then a star map type thing. As I said, just mucking around and often going on tangents.

Added variable brush sizes, tile popping for selected. Spent a ton of time figuring out why when I offset the map from 0,0 it went to shit XD figured it out eventually, was super silly also :X

Did some other shizz to :slight_smile:


Libgdx is love, libgdx is life.


Something I have been messing around with for about 2 months. Lots of trials and tribulations lol, but got a few things working well and some working half well with some hacky fixes and inefficient things happening. It’s all very, very sloppy and would probably been prone to breaking. Just a small side project to work on when I feel like it.

Also, the tileset in the image is not one I made, it’s from open game art.

Got tile selections, flood fill of selections (a bit hacky atm), layers, layer switching, brush sizes, limiting amount of tiles been rendered by screen size (1024*1024 sized level in the screenshot), levels and tile sizes can be variable, multiple tilesets, colour shifting tiles.

I also updated my tileset some more in my other thread.


I’ve looked at that gif for minutes now.

great job


OpenGameArt is awesome, I use it quite often. This is something I was mentioning in a previous post about something a new client should have. Keep up the good work, and don’t worry too much about the sloppiness atm, I’d really love to see something like this actually get implemented if a new client does happen!


Just got done optimizing the flood fill a lot more and removing some non essential things. I went from it being recursive calls to using a queue instead. No longer worries of murdering the stack by overfeeding it. Probably a ton more things I can do to clean it all up, but for now it’s done. It was a seriously monumental task figuring all this shit out >.> creating tile selections, iterating over the tile selection/pattern in the flood and then making it start based off of your initial tile position, stack overflows, infinite loops.

I think this was version 5 of my flood tool. I changed it so many times.

Also, didn’t show it off earlier, but there’s multiple tilesets and multiple layers possible. Some of the tiles that are a aqua colour are from another tileset.

Next thing I work on is either previewing tile selections or the tile selector window.