Dev Pack?

What is a graal dev pack and what is it for?

Why are you so stupid >:O It’s a compressed folder with programs developers would need like the Graal Editor, Graal Shop or Level Generator, or it’s full of old servers from GraalOnline like Maloria, UN, or Classic.

theres different kinds of dev packs yoiu fucking dumbass so the graal dev pack can be different then others think before you insult people.

I’ve gotta agree with Skyzer here.
Do your damn homework before you spam up the boards with stupid questions.

The dev pack couldve been client related, server related or just for coding i wanted to know which one it was for then you two dicks just decide to criticize me

I’m criticizing you because you fill the boards with useless, illegitimate questions.
If you want to know what the dev pack is for, open it up and figure it out the good ol’ fashioned way.

not my fault i cant find my answer elsewhere what do you want me to do

I want you to figure it out yourself. And I want you to learn how to ask an intelligent question.

Damn straight!

oh ok, so i post my problems on graal that have to do with script and programming yet i dont know squat about programming…you want me to figure it out myself

Once again, you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Scripting has jackshit to do with this. You were wondering what’s in the dev pack, not how to script. So open up the damn dev pack and get going. Learn how to script the right way - through trial and error in the scripting window.

Nononono you brang up that to sstop spamming the board with my problems so you brung up this problem as well as the others

In English, please.

you brung up this statement “Do your damn homework before you spam up the boards with stupid questions.” So you actually included the other questions as well as this one

Yeah, I included them. That’s the point - My aim in that statement was to make you aware of the fact that all of your threads are drifting into the retarded zone.

Well most of those problems i had to put gscript commands in a txt file or somewhere to fix it which is why i bring this up again, if i dont know anything about programming how will i fix it up myself.

And another thing, you didnt have to reply if you were gonna be a dick and just criticize me where as skyzer even though he did insult me he actually answered my question

Everything about development goes in the development area… so stop fucking spamming other parts of the forums. And chill out I told you what they were.

Thats what im saying spooon, you answered my question where Tom just posted to criticize me

I’m just trying to set things straight. I did answer a question of yours, even though you never asked it : “l0l how cna i emerge frum teh primordial ooze of noobieness??!111lol”.

Maybe I can improve things by striking down the hopes and dreams of a rampant noob. Or maybe you’ll be motivated to change your ways and to start making some damn sense?

ill tell you the truth im at noob at graal but atleast im no dick who says i spam where as all he does is post to bring people poeple down when he posts…real smart