Disable gralats disappear

How to disable gralat disappear ?

quit playing graal. =P

Custom gralat system.

if you’re only making a server to crash it, then why bother?

What the fuck are you talking about?

well if someone was all like oh lets go make a bunch of gralats and then leave them there, wouldnt that be like a putnpc command and it would be really easy to overload?

yes, beastk, yes


Hm, I’m used to iPhone where if you don’t take the gralat when it comes up within a split second someone else steals it. xD

And if you wanna make the gralats dissapear just don’t use the bushes. That’s all I can say.

on graal reborn it is understood that you will be the only one on the server. so no stealing.

I am pretty sure he wants to know how to make the gralats stick around forever after they are laid as opposed to disappearing after a certain amount of time.

That is why what Developer said is relevent,

and actually I am pretty sure it’s not as hard as it sounds. XD. Of course, when it comes to coding I am usually wrong. XDD :rolleyes:

Why he would want to do such a thing however, is beyond me. I think Beastk might be on to something, though.

Actually I have the gralat system he’s looking for. He wants classic iPhone’s system. I remade one. It still sucks though because custom bushes lead to a lot of problems. Not using bushes at all would honestly be his best bet.

Throw bush => Item flies with it.

God damn you Kondie.

Hey that wasn’t the only bug. If you threw it in another level it would respawn in that level.

Since when did you start using new Delteria’s stuff? o_O


I bet this was tricxtas doing.

It was my doing… and if you made those examples then why isn’t your damn name on em?

Because they arnt mine?

why do u have to always have a go at me… You make me wanna cry