Does anyone else hate when this happens?

Screenshot attached.

I don’t get it.
More details please.

It means, it says there is a new post to view, but he is the last poster.
I hate it too :open_mouth:

Oh, you basically mean since he posted last it marks it as new? I fucking hate that.

Oh, dangit

Yeah I hate it too but its happening consecutively right now on two other forums so like
I got used to it

Yeah happens to me on all the forusm.

You’d think they’d have a simple check in it to stop it coming up as new if you posted last :frowning:

I think it only affects staff, I haven’t seen it before.

Every forum should ignore a post from yourself as being new
unless someone else edits your post, now that would be nice.

No it doesn’t just affect staff, it happens to me on a ton of forums.