Does Bomber39 ring a bell to anybody?

I’ve just found and fixed a bunch of levels of an ice palace quest with an impressive amount of details, which I had to fix manually one by one.

The quest is actually pretty nice once fixed, and i’d like to know if anybody would know of a guy who played graal by the name Bomber39.

I thought that was Stefan.

Yup sounds like Stefan, I’m curious what his levelling might look like, that is if he didn’t just put his name on it.

Stefan has always just been Bomber. I don’t know who Bomber39 is.

Yeah it doesn’t look like anything that has been done in classic graal.

There are multiple conditions on each NPC with a complex set of flags that trigger many different events depending on how you act.

I also had to manually fix multiple recurrent syntax errors, so it definitely does not look like it was made from Stefan.

In fact I found the guy’s e-mail on a sign: [email protected]

I just don’t know if the email still exists, I sent a mail to test.

Bomber39 is not the same guy as Bomber/Stefan. I believe he replaced PACHUKA as head LAT sometime in 1999. I think he was also known as Kyle0635 and Olorin and did work on the New World project. I doubt he or any of the other old admins are around G.O. anymore. You can find lots of old emails by wandering around old levels. Many of the emails may no longer exist, but it couldn’t hurt to send them an email saying hi and tell them about Graal Reborn. PACHUKA was apart of some sonic fan sites including Sonic Cult, but he has disappeared for a while. You could try [email protected] but last time I emailed him the response I got was just “El Pablo diablo” so who knows if he’s around or will respond. Fuitad has long since been retired from graal, runs some webhosting called FuitadNET and some other IT related stuff, he is also a proud father. Galen has also retired from graal stuff for many years. He is still the same crazy old fun guy though . Aylad became some sort of college teacher or something. MagicalTux realized what a garbage pit Graal and France was and moved to Japan to be apart of many great projects including the world’s largest bitcoin exchange MtGox Pretty much everyone else with half a brain has also ran far away from G.O. and has moved on to doing meaningful things. When people are no longer being held down by some psychotic french scammer and thief that spends all day snorting cocaine and threatening children they tend to move on and achieve great things.

I always thought pachuka was a myth…

I spoke with him once or twice way back in the day. I’m certain he’s real.

It might ring a bell :redface:

Oh where to begin… allow me to introduce myself. I was formerly known as Bomber39 (later Exoknight). I am most certainly not Bomber/Stefan, though I did chat with him a few times.

I started playing Graal back during the Java Zelda days. Was a lot of fun to roam around Link to The Past (LTTP) with other people. When it became Graal Online with a level editor I took to creating my own content. Emailed it to Stefan and he kindly added some of my levels.

After the Ice Palace I was approached by Piccolo and was invited to be level editor for one of the first Player Worlds, called Real World. It was a clone of the Zelda LTTP world. For obvious reasons that didn’t last long, not only were there accusations of cheating but Stefan was trying to avoid copyright infringement.

There was one other guy working on Real World, I believe he was “Dan” or something along those lines. When Real World was removed from Graal, he maintained his own Player World with a heavily modified LTTP level set. Not sure how long that continued.

After the loss of the Real World I was approached by Galen to be Level Admin for Graal. Much of that time was spent reviewing / editing / adding player submissions. I also dabbled in my own creations, and I added a small one to the northern forest. Bit of a maze I’m afraid few people ever understood why the level repeated or where it might lead. I notice it was cut from future versions of Classic Graal, but so were my Sky Tower and Ice Palace. Not that I blame them, those levels needed maintenance and the forest maze was confusing.

My closest friends in Graal were Nightlord (LAT) and Piccolo.

This was all a long time ago for me, and I have fond memories of it. I regret that I did not stay in my position and keep active in the Graal community. As any 13-14 year old would do, I dropped the ball, focused on school, neglected Graal. I didn’t really see what an amazing innovation in online gaming Graal was. One of the first MMORPGs, if I may call it that.

There were several sets of levels I either did not complete, or did not get published. Sadly, those ended up being lost / deleted. Those particular works will never see the light of day.

I’d like to publically thank Fredi125 for contacting me, and encouraging me to look at Graal Reborn.

I’m not quite certain the extent of my participation from here on, but I am eager to see my old levels fixed… perhaps with some modernization, or even new content added.

tl;dr, Hello again, Graal community.

P.S. Pachuka is no myth. He was a player who left his mark in Graal.

Checks out with my knowledge of Graal history. Good to see you have resurrected! Hope things have been well. Got a copy of “Real World” by chance?

Welcome back :open_mouth:

Sorry, when I had left the game I kept no files.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw your “avatar”, Kelathos, is Overlord Wyrmthalak. It’s kind of sad that I remembered that. (Although I’m sure other things share that model.)

I thought it was one of those lizard warriors from final fantasy

I thought it was from that old PS1 game that was similar to Dragon’s Lair in how it looked and played, and it was full of all sorts of Disney-esque dragon characters. Can’t remember the name of it at the moment, but I’m sure somebody here knows what I am talking about.

Yes, the avatar does come from WoW. I’ve been running with it since I first played Team Fortress 2. Speaking of which, my steam profile for anyone who’d like to text.

Fredi has a nice classic Player World, though it’s still in need of repair and there are two classic Player Worlds?

Sardon Tower is pretty much the epitome for a well crafted set of levels. Should be looked to as the standard bearer for good Classic Graal content. I can match, perhaps surpass, it with some effort.

Is there a Player World in Graal Reborn looking for new level content? Perhaps new weapons and/or NPC ‘baddies’.

Phoenix could use an extra set of hands, we’re more after concepts than anything else however, if you can script that’s a massive bonus!

I think all of them are looking for new level content.

I’d say help Pheonix, but I’m sure it’s fictional since no one will let me see it.

You have seen it! I remember showing you. It was a long time ago, but it does exist. We just don’t want to release a shitty product. I mean, it might be shitty anyway, but at least we can say we tried to not make it shitty.