don't deny it

you’re all faggots

edit: hi, btw

Welcome back 69ster

Hey buddy.

You don’t even know 69ster.

One, how do you know.
Two, I love you.
Three, all i did was say hi xD:marlon:

how do you know is a question

i agree with spoon. “how do you know” is in fact a question. i looked it up.

You looked it up? What the fuck? O.o

i have a book of legit questions only. this one is on page 483.




You actually had you look that up? Someone needs to set you ablaze for that.

that one, however, is not in the book. try again.

Can we ban hosler?

do i make you mad?

Make me moderator again. I’ll set things strait.

Spooon for President!, Er, I mean mod!!
Hosler, just set yourself ablaze.

I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard for me to become a moderator again, if I wanted to. I was joking, and I don’t want to be a moderator on here again. Yet.


there is never a point where you can find me not on fire. it’s a fashon statement for the most part.