Dontar (22)

Happy 22nd birthday, Dontar!

I hope you have a wonderfur day! ;D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE! Have a good one.

Report to the hall…there will be cake, honest.

I have a bad feeling about this :open_mouth:

Happy bday dontar, and thanks again for your help yesterday

Happy birthday, is it finally time we give you a furry bath?

I spent the day with mother in hospitol. she is still in the ICU. she is all bitchy because she been in icu all day, her ass hurts, she has shit shoved up her nose and its still bleeding…and its taking forever to get her a normal bed because they all taken up because of explosion not to long ago in columbus (she was in OSU Hospitol in Columbus)

I hope she gets better dontar. Best of luck.

I didnt have cake…I had icecream though, at Hometown Buffet. I ate a lot and didnt even feel full at the end…I think im sick if I cant feel full no matter how much I eat.

Gotta get that checked out. Might be a tapeworm.

There’s also a mental illness were you never get fed up.

Sounds like things are really stressful. Hope they get better. <3

all is well, mother is home and feeling much better (she was bitchy in hospitol, so they let her leave, not without about every single nurse and doctor she saw trying to convince her to stay)
she just had a cup of my damn good coffee, and is feeling even better this-morning.

thanks for your worries.

happy Belated Birthday!