that makes me think of this annoying bastard .

close, but its the Leopard I like…I would enjoy having a leopard as a pet in real-life, all I would need is a license to own an exotic pet and obtain a leopard cub to raise and spoil rotten…

Not to mention you would have to be a drug lord to afford such exotic animals. :slight_smile:

Dontar would fuck it.

one of these days spooon, im going to figure out who you are, where you live, and then I am going to kill you and make your family eat the corpse at gunpoint.


Will they be wearing tails?


Knowing Dontar they would have to be Furries with Anime eyes.

Christopher Mondoux
20 Dugout Rd. Hudson, New Hampsire 03051

I’ll be waiting, goat-fucker.


Spooon! That’s not funny!!!


thank you Chris, I will be gutting you shortly…tell your family to expect BBQ Human for dinner…


Will do, doggy-dick lick.

HaHA your names Christopher lulz.

Dontar drives a lawnmower. The sound is obvious

You never make sense.

Dontar will gut nobody as he is confined to a wheelchair. To do this day I wonder how that poor thing sustains his weight.