Doomsday server

Hello all, some of you may already know the main project I’m working on right now is Doomsday. A lot of progress has been made so far, in terms of fixing NPCs and quests.

As of now, all stat quests work, this includes, all 9 hearts, lvl2/3 swords, lvl 2/3 shields and lvl 2/3 glove quests. Along with other weapon quests such as the fireball and homing missile.

The main thing I really need is the Event System up and working. If anyone can help me out with this it’d be greatly appreciated, as once the Event System is working I plan to advertise to a lot of people, not only Doomsday, but Graal Reborn itself.

I already have in mind a lot of people who would be interested in the community here, but that Event System is setting me back!

Along with all the old content on Doomsday, i do very well plan on introducing new content. I don’t want the server kept in the frozen state it’s in from 2003 xD, so yes there will be new things happening.

Notably, I want to appeal to guilds more, and get some sort of guild/area takeover system (not Kingdom warring.)

+Add much more event prizes, and get sparring tournaments organized.

All in all, i really need scripting help! If your interested, please forum PM me, or post here.

I’m sure a Doomsday revival project has occurred here before, but I’m serious about this. This isn’t a server that will be up for a few weeks, then taken down because i got bored. Let’s make this happen!

I think that Event System’s work horribly without an npc server.

I did notice some bag items in there. Very nice LAT work.

How many of the original staff still play Graal?

Aye, an event system is perfectly capable without an NPC Server.
I can’t really think of many events that actually require an NPC Server at all.

Here is how 90% of all Events are made in forms of scripting.

if(playerchats && strequals(#g,Events Team)) { if(strequals(#c,Open)) hide; if(strequals(#c,Close)) show; }

Hah yeah I know redoing in level event commands isn’t difficult. I mainly want the event announcer/messenger GUI working.

Without the /play option though. I’d Like it if ET’s can just announce the event via the event GUI, then players warp into the ET house with the Event House warpring (like it used to be) the /play option that would warp you right into the event is lazy >_<

This is the GUI i’m talking about for people who may not know:

That would be called a server.string

Now lets say an ET is at an event and lets say he triggers an announcement NPC.

setstring server.event,"~Boat Wars~",boatlevel.nw,32,15; //Name,Level,X,Y[/code]

Now a GUI NPC on the players.
[code]if(playerenters || timeout) {
  if(!strequals(#s(server.event),)) ShowGUI;
  else hideGUI();
  timeout = 6; // We want it fairly passive.

if(playerchats && strequals(#c,/play) && !strequals(#s(server.event),)) {
  tokenize #s(server.event);
  setlevel2 #t(1),strtofloat(#t(2)),strtofloat(#t(3));
  setplayerprop #c,Warped;

function ShowGUI() {

function HideGUI() {

Think of it like a very “interesting” radio NPC.
Receiver:if(playerchats) setstring,#a: #c;
Emitter:if(playerenters||timeout) { message #s(; sleep 1; }

I like what you’re trying to do. I hope you’ll succeed! :slight_smile:

Thanks for this Beholder, although scripting is definitely not my forte, I’ll try some things, hopefully i won’t mess everything up lol.

Thank you. Doomsday is a really great server. It’l be awesome once a community forms!

One thing i need to fix though, is the issue where when you die, you respawn at the last level you entered. Otherwise, making a PK/Guild War arena with the death system the way it is now, will be no fun…

Any ideas?

I think Agret put up this site:
Maybe he’ll give you the rights to change it if you want to.

WOW! That’s old…shouldn’t be a surprise, though.

Wow that is old ._., wonder if Agret event knows he has that still.

yes, he knows. He put it up 2007, it even says on the webpage it was last updated in 2007.

Oh, woops

Indeed, most of the main levels you see are my work. But I believe I’ve improved since then. But hey, I’m going to be helping Skoopa out on this project. Hopefully we get things going real nice. =D

Good luck. :slight_smile:

I hope you do get things going, its a really nice looking server.

I agree. Get those quests fixed that I bitched about earlier and maybe add some documentation on where the quests are or add a storyline to direct you to them and it will be all gravy (good)

Yup, I am in talks with Brodequin about adding a quest guide to his website. :slight_smile: