Down the Rabbit Hole

Good luck.

Steganography is stupid and dated

it’s ok there’s no one highly intelligent here anyway

Cicadia 3301 is interesting stuff… although I still do not really make the link between intelligence and that kind of… stuff.

The last uppercase phrase means something like “nothing comes from nothing” and it seems from what I collected that it’s fake. The wikia dedicated to cicadia decyphering suggests scanning for a pgp or whatever that is, I just did an image search and this image didn’t come up anywhere (popularity of cicadia would have made this plastered at many places). To add to that, the contest is said to last one month and to start January 5th every year; it means we’d have missed 14 days of the contest. Also, the wikia is still debating over whether this year’s contest is a hoax so it would be unwise to even consider jumping in.

I question though why the hell does a VIP account (how does someone become VIP on here?) from 8 years ago with 0 post and a generic spambot-like name comes to post a fake invitation to a decyphering contest.

I saw you post on the era forum, a Cicadia like game :).
You will not find participants here although I think it’s a fun idea. I’d like to play but I find these kind of enigmas frustrating and insulting to do, although interesting.

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Also, both on here an on era the post count doesn’t increase with posts.
Any idea how that could be hosler?

lel who is ns500874 and why is he VIP?

uh idk
cuz miscellaneous doesn’t count posts? doyyy

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judging by his “experience” I’d say he was created today at around 9AM as a fake entry. One of the admins here is trying to play a game with us.

It’s jatz

look in the page’s source (there are things hidden in the image on this thread for login an password that makes what’s in the source show on the page).

Is the image referenced in the source…

down the rabbit hole indeed. The server from the second stage is from Montreal.

Who do we know from Montreal that would post this only on here and the Era forums?

Might very well be, he’s posting on that Era forums thread too.

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Cool, but no one’s coming to mind but myself, and it’s not me.

That’s nice. Since your access level is member I can’t say that you would be the one behind this, but you’re the closest fit. What with browsing the 2 forums. Also, don’t think I didn’t see Hosler’s post.

Anyway have fun solving it. I couldn’t care less for this Sherlock Holmes shit.

Well, if you succeed in the challenge then you’ll know who it is.

EDIT: You guys are actually doing pretty well.

hosler could have just checked the IP address of the OP (he did, I did too) and saw that it’s Jatz (it is).

Well, now you’re just ruining the fun.

I should have picked up on that, jatz confused me by acting involved in solving the enigma on era.

Nope. Since were using cloud flare all IPS are masked


Yar. That be a cloud flare IP.

I only guessed Jatz because this thread was started 1 day after a similar puzzle was posted on graalians which Jatz took an interest to. Also only an admin can make this guy VIP. So I put those two facts together to form a hypothesis.


Is it only a coincidence that Jatz’s name was associated to the CloudFlare IP?

Anyone visiting this domain will be proxied through cloud flare