Download link?

Anyone have a download link?

Oh my. It looks like someone didnt catch up on all the recent posts yet.

What I don’t understand is why doesn’t someone just get a server in Panama or other place that ignores DMCA for like $5 a month with some DDOS protection or a torrent link and tell bread man to go pound anus? I don’t even understand how or why itself was taken down? I thought it was immune to such nonsense being a .in domain and all. Also I think it might be time to stop holding back and start doing retaliatory actions against Stephane and the other criminals associated with him in Mauritius and other places. A good example would be Artists Against 419 make no mistake Stephane Portha is no different than a 419 scammer from nigeria, malware distributor or any other internet criminal and does all of the same things, why else hide in Mauritius? I would do this myself but I have already spent over 15 years trying to warn people about the scammer Stephane Portha and providing legal download links to publicly released freeware, shareware and open source software related to Graal which was made by Stefan Knorr and I don’t really care about Graal anymore and if something is to succeed it needs more than just one or two main people holding it up.

Retaliation is already in place, people are discovering more and more vulns in his stolen game as we speak

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This does not surprise me. Stephane is not an intelligent or competent person in anything. The other people working for him aren’t either. If you follow Unixmad’s stolen forum graalians you will see that he couldn’t even open and run a discord server “something designed for 12 year old minecraft players” properly. The mobile stuff is all old code from 2011 that only Stefan Knorr knows how to patch or fix if even he himself could do it.

Stephane Portha however was a creepy pervert to Stefan Knorr’s girlfriend and to children which prompted Stefan to sever ties with him back in 2015 also Stefan Knorr was not comfortable knowingly committing tax and pay fraud in the U.S. and E.U. and also did not want to move to Mauritius with Stephane.

All Stephane has right now is a talentless thug who beats on little girls MysticalDragon aka Carlito Santiago and a few others of similar quality characters. They can’t code or do anything of value. and this has been proven by their total lack of action since 2015.

I’m actually surprised that all the crap iphone and android apps haven’t crashed and been crippled beyond repair yet just by normal activity. I’m assuming it’s all being held together by just reverting to a backup whenever it shits itself.

The day graalonline dies will be called unity day.

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Haven’t had this good of a laugh in a while.

Stefan Knorr will be missed lmao