Download links all dead

Client download links on the main page are all broken. I want to play doooooood

I’ll check it out.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]Yeah, all links are dead. I’ll see if I can get the files up somewhere.

Try the site is incomplete but all the files you need should be around there. it should be online 24/7 as long as my internet is. I’ll refine stuff later and maybe set up a new account[COLOR=“Silver”]

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or specifically for the client links
Feel free to link to them, I have a 5Mbit upstream based on FIOS so you should get reasonable speeds unless 100 others at once are getting stuff or I am torrenting Super Hentai Tentacles XVI or something.
Graal Reborn 2.1.7, 2.2.2, and 2.3.1
Graal Reborn 1.4.1
Graal Reborn Gserver 2.4.0

Awesome, ty.

Who wants to be my questing buddy?!?!

What shall we quest for?

Swords, shields, hearts, and other NPCs!!!

That doesn’t sound very fun. Where do you propose to do all this?

I usually pick the server that has more than 0 people, unless they are all empty in which case CLASSIC!!!

classic’s gay and i’m at a point were I don’t even know where to go. What we need is an Onijustin.