Download Links

Hi everyone.

What’s the deal with all the dead download links?

Could you please provide links?

I have graal related downloads and content available at

Specifically if you are looking for the Graal Reborn client
and Graal Reborn 2.4.0 Gserver at

Unfortunately due to the high instances of DDOS, spambots, hacking attempts and other harassment most of Europe is blocked. Nothing personal, I just don’t have the spare time to deal with the nonsense all the time so I blocked their IP ranges.

If you are in the U.S. , Canada or most other places it should load fine.

This is an unofficial mirror and is not affiliated with Graal Reborn.

Thank you very much.

I tried using your links and my download manager couldn’t acquire the files: I get a message saying ‘Access denied, invalid username or password’.

Your IP is probably somewhere in the EU beginning with 80. or 194. or something similar . If your IP is not blocked then it’s just a normal http site and should work fine.

Some IP ranges are on my site’s block list because EU countries and ISPs are unusually concentrated with hackers, spammers, terrorists, nasty people and other damaging things and neither the ISPs nor authorities will do anything to stop it. Also the EU supports censorship such as nonsensical things as “The Right To Be Forgotten”.

It’s not personal and I don’t hate all European people, I just think the region has serious negative political and moral issues along with unusually high risks. I hate the NSA too and the American regime is not any better, but the big difference is that they have not tried to attack my site and are not very high on spambots, worms or hacking attempts to me.

It’s an imperfect solution but I would rather block 10% of the world and stop 95% of all negative attacks than have my site severely compromised, consistently attacked or otherwise shut down.

This wouldn’t be a problem if someone else that downloaded them would bother to mirror them too. Quite literally thousands of different people have all these files too, but not one to my knowledge has bothered to host a site or mirror the content at this time.

I understand completely.
There’s a chance you might be blocking IP’s from Australia as well because that’s where I’m from.

I’m from Australia and I can connect.

Hm that’s strange. It doesn’t matter though, I’ll try and acquire the files elsewhere.