I wanna try out Graal Reborn, but i bet i have to download it, right ?

please search before you make a new thread

Fo’ sho’!

I wanna play on my playstation, but I bet I have to put the disk in, right?

He’s only asking because he probably plays Graal Online from the web-browser.

Bullshit! He’s just dumb.

Ah OK, fair enuf.

And I was only asking because I usually play my playstation using an emulator and all the games are isos already on my hard disk)


No i’m not dumb, i just though that it was way different then GraalOnline, btw i don’t play GraalOnline on the web client :wink: i was wanna ask if you also could download Graal Reborn for mac, i knew you had to download it

be nice to the newbiez

I’m just new to Graal reborn O.o

Well, a Reborn-Newbie then. I’m sorry, but Mac is not supported since we use GraalOnline’s old clients. You could however emulate windows to run it on your mac, but since I don’t own one, I can’t tell you how to do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to mention support isn’t 100% through Wine or other similar methods due to Graal’s fucked up DirectX buffers, which don’t even work 100% on Windows Systems. ;D Hah.

I’ll guess i got a way out. I just start up ‘VMware Fusion’ (its a windows desktop) and download Graal Reborn, hope that 'll work

Just don’t try wine, directx 5(i think right?) that graal uses messes things up.

Yeah i bet thats it