Downsider versus RileyFiery

In Bomberman! Give me best times for you two to go at it in Bomberman. Whoever wins gets bragging rights. I will tape record the event through camtashia

Sidenote, they lag more than people on my server.
And that has to be the least intimidating “block fall” ever. o_o

Why me?

… I didn’t realize you even made an actual thread for this.

Above post makes me think they were planning this behind closed doors.

Y u wnt ply boombrrmang???

ah because it’s thy only way actually RileyFiery reported you twice in staff section about some posts of yours. Apparently even though you have been acting yourself for years now he decides to start posting things now.

The situation of of now is Downsider if you except challenge and RileyFiery doesn’t by default you are the winner with bragging rights goes vice versa for RileyFiery as well. If both decline to sparr on Bomberman a few times then both are agreeing with each other not to do this and obviously in that case peaceful measures between you two can begin (AKA kiss and makeup).

If both accept the bomberman challenge, I will mass it on twitter, and record it to be upload to youtube and embedded on the forums also youtube video will be massed as well on twitter soon after. whoever wins in this bout has bragging rights as well as video to confirm the win.

Whenever I report posts Dangerless bans me for a week because he says I, “Hacked the infraction feature,”.

who is :pluffy:

Dangerles.s. If you type his name, that’s an emote.