Every now and then I get on to play. Dreamscape kept me playing for a while. Awesome.

GJ Orphen. I’m glad someone here knows how to make a proper game.

Im not a big fan maybe cause i havent looked around alot.

I agree with hosler, it’s great servers. It just needs a few activities after you’ve done the quests.

i still can’t find spooons stupid house. this server needs a faq

It doesn’t need a FAQ, you just need some eyes. xD

highest player count ever!

It was 16 october 2010.

that was a good day

Thanks alot guys, I’m glad you’re all enjoying the place. I’ve been working on a few new levels, nothing special just mainly to add an extra ‘row’ to the map (It’s how I work, a row or column at a time.). I’ll look into adding some activities. What sort of stuff would you guys want?

i had fun shooting the noobs.

Yeah, that thing is a relic from Elven Lands. I scripted it myself but it was based off of EL’s old game room.

Before you left you were going to make Magequest. You never got around to it. I want to see that done. :3

I’m pretty sure that’s almost finished, just the boss battle was half done. I’ll check up on it.

I’ve wanted to be a games developer since I was a kid so I developed a knack for what people enjoy in a game, what’s addictive etc.