Dynamic Feedback

I just wanted to ask your feedback for the server Dynamic.

  1. I hope to create quests where you solve puzzles and kill bosses and will have many challenges to complete it. (Im doing this because im tired of servers like Marlboro who have 3 caves with about 30 baddies in it and it takes like 5 years and it just plain annoying to kill those freaking dragons…)

  2. My team and I have successfully made a buisness system that is actually functioning pretty smoothly. It has stock so whenever you buy a pizza the stock of that particular pizza goes down. It has a kitched where workers of the buisness can create the pizzas on an oven for now it is slashing later on I hope to make it something else.(I was sort of hoping for suggestions :D) Also I am working on paychecks. For now the owner can just pay out whatever worker he thinks does the best job. You can see the rest at Pizza World in Dynamic. Ask Glyde for a sneak peek to it. Being added to the overworld Soon! Also they are playerowned so if you want to sell it or something contact Gauge again :D.

  3. We do offer playerhouses we just need you to stick to our style of inside leveling and use the same tileset that we do. For playerhouse purchases or if you dont feel like making your own level contact Gauge (irule110) on Dynamic.

4.We could use possibly some inside level creators and a scripter Pm me on the forums or come down to Dynamic for more information

  1. Current Staff
    animelovalol(Player Relation)

Onlinestartlocal number 2 because number one is messed up :open_mouth:

First 4 roads to take in the first level :smiley:

Me and Gauge chilling

Spooon’s House (He just wanted a cozy place to idle :D)

Spooons Birthday Party

Mining in action!

Mining in action again! :open_mouth:

Mining in progress New rocks/Pickaxe upgrade (Golden Pick in screenshot) New mines hopefully soon
lmao also spooon created Spooon Corp :smiley:

Spooon Corp

Hanging out

Hanging out on a player-owned Island

Chicken is confused :open_mouth:

Everybody idling at 12am

Spooons Secret Mining Cove >:O

They need to restock… If they go 24 hrs without having full stock it will be re-auctioned

Thank you for viewing this thread all I want is your feedback for the server’s open beta I hope to upload some screenshots soon!

mhmm nice :smiley:

lol Spooon’s house looks like one of the lil houses from Sentinel.

My birthday is in December. >:O

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So we make insides the same, isn’t that a good thing?

It is :open_mouth: Now if only the tileset was decent for making outsides.

rofl yeah

My B-Day is in December too :open_mouth:

It’s boring. Add dinosaur mounts.


It is rather boring Glyde. hurry and put a starter quest or something. The funnest place currrently is spooons house.

I know im working on it! Mining is almost done with levels and different types of rocks! We are basicly done the first town just need to do insides and finish scripts some outsides with crappy quality we are rushing because we see that people are actually interested O.O

Hurry then i’m bored out of my mind and need something to play.

go make some pizzas

I’m the fucking best!

So far yes :stuck_out_tongue:
we will be adding highscores in-game also :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll still be the best.

Lol What about if I give 1m to hammy >:O

Hammy is already the only threat. He mines like a beast.

I do too but I spend my money on drugs. :open_mouth: Oh wait there arent any on here. I had 40k tho but I bought Aura and now I have 30k since i mined earlier. Anyways Spooon Corp. owns All!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAH

Hammy is on top for mining and money wow! :open_mouth:

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Now Opshon is in the lead for mining :open_mouth: