edb: OllyDbg Unix clone

Hi all,

Some good news for Unix fans…

Every so often I look for a version of OllyDbg for FreeBSD / Linux etc… and until now, the best I have known is DDD which is bearable but is really feeling its age (10 years old afaik)

But now… let me introduce to you, my latest find…



It currently only builds well on Linux but I am currently working on getting the source to compile easily on FreeBSD. Perhaps also get it officially added to BSD ports.


Another project on that page which is a replacement for libdasm is also really interesting

It uses Qt which is a bit of a shame but to have an open source OllyDbg clone is great news!

it’s ectoplasm on my boxers, mom, i swear!

That’s pretty neat. One of the things that Linux has always really lacked was a good, easy to use debugger. gdb was powerful and all, but it just was not easy to use. The Visual Studio debugger is just so much more easy to use, it is amazing. It is always good to see new tools crop up.

http://www.codef00.com/projects.php#rpgscript - what about adapting that for ourselves :p?

The client will have to be replaced eventually. You cant keep working around it forever

Just wouldnt be the GraalReborn we now know if we had our OWN client :stuck_out_tongue:

Bah, keep on working on your client. Would it be possible to download a test-version somewhere? :wink:

I did get a test ready a bit ago to post here but currently it is using sys/sockets so I tried compiling with cygwin which for some reason, the SDL_mixer library crashes on initialize on every OS but windows 2000 lol.
I am coding a winsock version of the netcode class so I should be able to compile it fine on Windows.

Its all in bits atm anyway, I will try to get a decent test release / src up and running in this week or next.

Cool. :slight_smile:

You could just use the boost sockets class. Cross platform yay!

Or, you can give nalin the source and he’ll have a quick look… Amirite? :wink:

No. You are wrong.

At least this bor got me to read this fun thread