Its my birfday today.Im not gonna tell how old but its 13-17.

Lemme guess. 12.

He’s turning 13-14, lol.

Nah, you’re giving him too much. Even I am.

He’s turning 5.
Can he even count that high? :open_mouth:

Its because im black isnt it?

That’s one of the 1 MILLION reasons.

Name 500 then?

  1. YourSname has a C in it,
  2. YourUname has an A in it,
  3. YourCname has a L in it,
  4. YourKname has a E in it,
  5. Your name has a B in it,
  6. YourIname has a P in it,
  7. YourTname has a O in it,
  8. has a S in it,
  9. Your name is your name,
  10. You’re an iNoob,
  11. You’re Black,
  12. You’re causing trouble alot,
  13. You’re going to complain about this list,
  14. You noticed that I skipped the N in your name,
  15. You like women,
  16. You like trying to be right,
  17. You will notice that I stop here and you will look for a secret message.
  18. You will now respond to this list that isn’t nearly 500 Reasons long.

Fancy indeed.

if you thank this post you are supporting racism.

Yenairos racist as it gets man.

It’s because I’m white isn’t it.

Wait, can’t use that here. Damn.

I could get even more racist. Be thankful I am not using the plethora of racial slurs I know.

i cant see it

Stop going off topic, just say happy birthday…

Happy birthday! :slight_smile: