Endora Anyone?

Just in case someone wants it here is a copy of Endora from 7-7-2009, be warned everything is GS2

You can get it at:

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wow, great one urza

I get begged daily to work on Endora by some Foxfag guy, even to the point of him saying he’d fucking PAY me.

Inept staff on Endora. I don’t know how you didn’t get hired.


Remove Endora now. Worked too hard on it, don’t need nubs getting hold of it.

Remove it, it sucks far too hard!

Well, you have nothing to worry about b/g they probably dun know how to convert GS2 to GS1

ew that’s impossible anyways

xD, Spooon has looked into the Endora shit and told me that the systems use matrices.

there is also the problem that classes and db scripts don’t work.

Therefore, the only thing that you could out of this pack that would be useful for Graal Reborn woould be the levels and images

Which have a shit load of tile errors anyways.

You guys aren’t exactly selling this to me…

Well, you don’t exactly have to pay for it…

No one would pay for it anyways.

i know, shit it’s hard enough to give it away

so the endora team finally quit??? 0.o it was on hosted for alittle while this summer… then poofed again lol…

I think i have seen it on graal onlines hosted what is it … abuot 6 times now? and each time it goes away and comes back… usually slightly worse off then the time before lol

Are Rudora and Endora at all related?


Don’t talk shit about my levels. I’ll cut off your nipples.

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ClumptyTail lost ownership of it, and MysticalDragon and the others want nothing more to do with it. I’d rather make a new one anyways.

I’m not talking shit. I’m stating the obvious. I logged on, walked around, and had a good LOL @ the fact that PWA would let something with those kind of tile errors on the hosted list.

I have a GO server with around 120-130 days on it if you’re interested in using it.

Oh. It’s probably the shit back-up that ClumptyTail had.