Engine name


Rhino javascript.

Also yesss, honey badger!


When the engine gets in a usable state, I’d be interested in translating my server if I can get a copy of it before launch.
The way I’m looking at it right now is even if my server doesn’t get much use in its current state, at least I’ll have a template ready to begin development in the new engine.

o.o this used to be a flash animation on Newgrounds that played on a loop. Brainwash! D:


Code Reborn, or more to the point, Codreborn

j-just kidding ok

What about something that will trigger unixmad within an inch of his power, but he’s powerless to change? Hahaha.

Also, like the language, Ruby, we could simply name it Rupee. Or, maybe Gelat? (Despite seeing this used as currency on some Graal Servers, Gelat is icecream!) Short, and sweet, just like you wanted.


I like Rupee and Gelat.


Rupee may be an option. It’s closer to Graal than I wanted, but not terrible.


I’m using the currency Zeny, from the Breath of Fire games. I just always liked the name. I think I have a fetish for the letter Z? :[

Technically, you could even call it Grael or Grail, and Unixmad couldn’t legally do anything about it. I still opt for going with a completely separate entity though.

I remember using those pre-packed MMO Engines as a teenager, some of them had some pretty cool names. VBGore could’ve been great with it’s beautiful particle system.
There was also one called Playerworlds, DimensionX, and a few others… There are derivatives around based off those engines, but their popularity has decreased over the years due to more powerful engines now available.


Rupee sounds good :open_mouth:


Fugu - the extremely poisonous pufferfish that has to be prepared right in order to be eaten (can be fatal). It’s kind of like programming, stuff has to be programmed right in order to run.


Wouldn’t that name imply the programming language of the engine would be catastrophic if you make a mistake with it? :frowning:


Yes, it would… back to the dictionary.


Maybe Horizon? No ties to Graal, simple, and relevant.


Horizon reborn dawn.




ORGE(Or-jee)- Original Reborn Game Engine?
I’m just being stupid now. I could care less what name it has, I just wanna put it to use. :smiley:


Sounds like orgy.


That was the intended pun xD


I think you had a winner with Rupee :confused:


I vote for Rupee as well. It gives ode to the original masterpiece that Graal wished it was. If you’re gonna make an engine based off something, at least give the credit to Zelda instead of Graal.
Also, as far as I know, Rupee isn’t a copyright issue, as it’s a legit Indian currency. Everybody wins :stuck_out_tongue:


You can name it Eventually.


I’m still stuck on Horizon. I’ve thought about Rupee a lot, but it’s an object (which feels weird) and doesn’t really have any relevant meaning other than Graal/Zelda. While I love Zelda, I don’t want this to be strictly Zelda-based. It should be possible to make a genuine side-scroller or anything else someone might want to create. Horizon is more generic and reflects looking toward a long-term, future destination for development.