Engine name


We should all call it something different as a marketing scheme to bring more people in.

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Weaver? After the bird, Thor or maybe Mylnyr or however you spell his hammers name lol. Constructor?


Hahaha, Mjolnir? Thanks WoW. You hate Horizon this much?


:smiley: I don’t hate it, but, erm, I don’t like it personally. I was just offering up some alternatives, not berating your choice.


I would agree with chicken, horizon seems bland anyway… don’t you have enough suggestions here to collate your 5 most favourite and create a poll or do something to refine your choice?


I think a random name with no actual meaning or relevance to the purpose of the project is much more bland. You’re all just too hooked on it relating to Graal. lol


Mother fucking HoneyBadger man

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Prodigious is obviously best name for best engine.

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Why don’t we call it Codr, it’s short, relevant, and everybody will know who made it. Plus it’s for making games so the hipsters who love the code will all be able to proudly call themselves Codrs. I can see the t-shirts now. Is the domain available??

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The logo would be Codr’s avatar.
Where is it from btw?


Somebody buy that domain so we can start on the shirts.

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Feel free to name it Spooon.
Or Skyzer.
Or Zolderon.


I thought naming it on my own was hard enough… this is worse!


I see the problem here. We are moving way too quick on this. Lets have a 6 month sabatical and then we can follow up on this name business.

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I believe that is proper protocol around here.


How about Kyanite?



a defense especially of one’s opinions, position, or actions.
Apologia implies not admission of guilt or regret but a desire to make clear the grounds for some course, belief or position.
An apologia for Stephane.


We need a poll, I like about 5 or so of the ones you guys suggested. Either call it “Game Developer Reborn Deluxe” or call it “Open Development Persistent Productive Zelda Holy Grail World”

Reborn Engine, simple basic brand name stuff, I like representing our community.

Maybe call it Grail Engine.

Developer Reborn

Open Game World

Either we need to attract a ton of players, or we need just need a community. So then we would either want to catch attention and give a picture of what people want to attract them, or we just want an identity for the community. The name is the idea/vibe of the game, so if it’s generic it gives whatever it sounds similar to as a vibe, plus whatever the player experiences that gives them that picture.

“Reborn” makes it feel like us, or something like “Envision” allows you to elaborate on the idea that gives to create a picture of why they want to play the game - so are you monetizing and building tons of players, or is it just us and making a sustainable community? It sounds like to me the name represents how big it is going to be, as well as who makes it up. Do we need to tell people up front “this is your game maker deluxe” or do we need to tell them “imagine this experience” or do we need to tell them “this is who we are.”

I think the idea is probably open totally. Codr, Eon sounds like “imagine an era of time,” plus what the game experience is to them, so that would be the feeling of the game. I think the priority is to keep it short and simple. We want to grow it with a catchy name, so forget generic, and we will all play so we don’t really need to call it reborn or anything I think we’re all interested in the platform using any name tbh. It’s not a huge engine so calling it platform or system is just using extra words. We would all know it as that anyway, unless you want to identify that to people up front to draw them in.

I’d like to see all of the names in a poll.


For the whopping 10 people here to vote on? lol

I’m reading everything in the thread, but still haven’t seen anything that really sticks out. The feedback is appreciated, though, and is helping build up an idea of what’s good/bad. I can pretty safely say that I don’t want it to be Graal-related, though. Distantly Zelda-related? Sure. But not Graal. Who wants to be reminded of all the negativity around Graal?


lol we don’t need a fuggin poll for something Codr is making. If he wants to humble us and use one of our names, that’s fine. It could have the worst name in the world and we’d still use it. I mean, what the fuck is a Graal anyway?