Engine name


Link Engine? lol. Poly Bits? (many bits) Nimbus Engine (thought bubbles are like a cloud… Think it then create it, etc. lol)


A Graal is a Grail in French.


So we name it Tasse?


Or coupe, verre, bol, bock, chope, gobelet, fl?te, calice (this one is holy), coupelle, ciboire (holy as well) and coupelle.
You choose. Those are all the synonyms I could find.


Dawn Engine. Based off your Horizon one.


sounds like a game from the 90s


How you doing, komrade


I was actually going to do this, but there’s already some engine with that name, it seems.


how about Engine of the Rising Sun


“Engine of” anything sounds weird.


“Engine of Creation”


Also “Creation Script”


In fact we’ll just rename the game “Creation”

[Edit: Should know better than to ask this community for suggestions anyway]

[Edit 2: We have never been very good at them]


Ding Dangly Code Script