Ethereal Odyssey

Story Synopsis

Prologue (Background History)
Nearly a decade has passed since the end of the Celestial War. It is the beginning of a new Era, a time for recovery and peace. With most of the world left in ruin, many nations, kingdoms, and races that at one time opposed one another, have come together settling their differences in order to rebuild their world.“The war is over. I pray not one of us forgets what brought us here today. There was a time that blood was shed between one another. Kingdoms would rise, and they would fall. The Celestial War, although the worst and most cataclysmic event in the history of our planet, did in fact teach us something about where we stand in the universe. We must all come to terms with the fact that we are no longer alone. The Celesti, formerly known as the Demonic Army, came here to conquer our world and take it as their own. When we first realized they were not of this world, we had no clue of the events about to take place, something far greater than anything we could have ever imagined.” - King Ren’Vera VIII, excerpt from "The King’s Speech - A Brave New World"A group of heroes came together with one goal in common, to end this war. What took them on a journey across the world in search of gaining the power of the “Eternal Cloud” resulted in attracting the attention of the head generals and leaders of the Celestial Army. Attempts were made to stop the group, all ending in failure. Records show that the group was dispatched by King Ren’Vera VIII himself, seperate from the kingdom’s forces, in an attempt to deal with matters in secrecy to avoid as little confrontation as possible. One day, the group simply vanished after a battle with Scite Revelations, Head General of the Celestial Army. Nearby witnesses reported seeing a beam of light shooting into space from the top of the Azuria Tower. With the group missing, the war continued for the next 5 years.

The Celesti were seeking to colonize Gaia, also known as the Promise Land. A world completely hidden in space, sorrounded by dense particles that resemble clouds. This is a result from the crystal-like power-source from unknown origins, known as the Eternal Cloud, provides the galaxy with stability and balance. The Trinity Force, once started out as the initial group of heroes, known for their deeds on Gaia, and even more so on their journies to the other known planets in the Reit Galaxy, has became a Galactic Multi-world army, sworn to protect the Eternal Cloud, and the galaxy from further disruption.As the rest of the galaxy continues to advance forward in the first steps of forming the Galactic Alliance, Gaia continues to hide in its shroud. Efforts are being made to relocate the planet, and offer partnership in the Alliance, until then, life on Gaia has maintained its own alliances. For a while, scholars and scientists of Gaia attempted time after time to revive the ancient technology used in the towers that could teleport off-world. With no luck, and most of the technology destroyed, many lost interest, and only a select few still continue their research.As the new age of peace has began on Gaia, many “Adventurers” have set out to rediscover the world. Our story starts off as Hikeido Rakumura, your typical teenage Adventurer wannabe. Growing up in an orphanage most of his life as a result from the war, he has decided to start his own life and be the master of his own fate. The stories he has heard of other worlds fascinates him, and has a dream of being the one to one again unite Gaia with the rest of the galaxy. Although he has no knowledge of what he is getting into, he sets forth on a journey in the new world.

World Development

The world development of Ethereal Odyssey will take place on seven(as of right now) planets.

Gaia - An Earth-like planet concealed deep in space sorrounded by a cloud-like substance, ensuring its protection.

Aquaos - A small planet covered in ocean with the exception of three islands. Serves as the Trinity Force home base.

Runegard - A desolate planet left behind by an ancient race. Full of ruins and ancient technology.

Sae’Rhin - A desert planet with few, very small oceans. This planet is home to an Elven race.

Valencia - A planet with inhabitants containing high technology. Not much is known about them at this point as they refuse contact with the Trinity Force.

Eluria - A planet where magic is the main source of power and used with technology, also the first to join the Galactic Alliance.

Celestia - No longer a threat to the galaxy, the broken down mothership, the size of a small planet resides at the edge of the galaxy.

Project Information

This project is still in the early stages of development. In the end, this project will be completely made of custom graphics and music. Any scripts used and/or modified for this project from outside sources will be given credit along with the rest of the team that works on this project. I am currently in dire need of sprite and pixel artists for sprites, tilesets, monsters, etc, and I could really use a decent scripter or two that could help out with the things I have in store. I have most of the story and the concept for this project finished, now I am looking to form a small team that would be interested in this “medieval meets steampunk meets cyberpunk meets space odyssey” type rpg. It is a serious project that I am really committed to seeing it to the end. This game will have many elements influenced from the 2d RPG era I grew up falling in love with (Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Star Ocean, Breath of Fire, Phantasy Star, etc) and I would love to bring forth a game that could be compared to this genre. I hope everyone enjoys the information I’ve got up, and again, I am desperately looking for fellow team members for this project, if you’re interested, just post what you are interested in contributing to this project.

This has been an ongoing process for a while now. This won’t be a project for the impatient. It is going to be a highly detailed server, that I promise you. I want to toy around with the Graal Reborn opportunity again and try to see if I could make this project fit into place with the Graal Universe. I’m glad to be back, and seeing a few familiar faces still posting in the forums. The only thing that will discontinue this project this time on GR would be some sort of natural disaster or a sudden death. (Knock on wood this time…)