EuroCenter/GraalOnline 16-04-2015 Dissolution + Amending act

I found something quite interesting…

Google Translated
Original French

Scroll down and you will find the latest events - Deposits of official acts and statutes: 37 events

of which includes

Closing date Events Price Purchase


  • Amending act

then below that is see all official documents.

I see the following of interest

Digitalized records (Delivery: 10 min by email) View a sample
04/16/2015 Decision (s) of the sole shareholder - Dissolution as a result of meeting of all the shares in one hand

Legal Notices events already published (Delivery: 10 min by email)
31/03/2015 Transfer / acquisition

I am not sure what this means and I am not about to give my money to any french entity. but it appears to be a "we’re shutting down, or selling to someone else, or changing our name…

also for those who are curious

Effective slice 1-2 employees (probably 1)
Social capital EURO 40,016.00

That societe page also has lots of meta/summary on other activities and stuff…

I searched for Toonslab and a few other known shell names on societe and came up with nothing.

so either he is leaving France, going underground/tax evading, shutting down or found some other poor sap to take GraalOnline for the ridiculous price he is undoubtedly asking.

Without more details I can only speculate but where I come from “Dissolution” means “we are shutting down and calling it quits”.

Not sure what it means but

original french [MAJ corrective : absorption] Dissolution d’Eurocenter (GraalOnline, Belote Expert Online, etc.
english translated

[UPDATE] Fix: Eurocenter Games is simply dissolved in combination with its parent Eurocenter Group to simplify management, indicates its leader, then Eurocenter Group takes the name of Eurocenter Games. The dissolution of Eurocenter Group is an error on our part - we had not previously able to talk with the company’s mail contact being in error (an unfortunate coincidence) and its official website indicating no phone number. Anyway the video game business continued good news for gamers! We apologize to our readers and Eurocenter.

Not sure what exactly this means as it is vague, wishy-washy and essentially meaningless. They may still very well be closing up shop soon. It would help if GraalOnline would have the courtesy of informing the peons if takes money from what is really going on.

I might add that no new company has been created/registered with Societe by Stephane Portha or using any of the known shell names. No Eurocenter, Cyberjoueurs, ToonSlab, MMO Expert or anything. and there appears to be no merger with anything else just Dissolution at this point.

Nothing to see here but a name change.

The 11 Legal Warning (JAL), civil and commercial (BODACC)

May 3rd - 03/05/2015 Major event impacting life / disappearance company

The three institutions, asset 0 establishment:
Since: 09-06-1997 Closed on: 08-05-2015 (May 5th)

The last time a “major event impacting life” happened to Stephane was in 2008 when he “disappearance company” to “SARL LINUX”

What are these major events? did his bread get moldy?

That would be stefan knorr quiting

That would make sense and is probably the case.

From what I’ve seen and heard Stefan left back in August or September of last year, but official business and legal things take time to do especially if they wait before filing them.

Nobody really seems to know all the details on it or the circumstances behind it all… Did Stefan quit?, was he kicked out by Stephane.

Stefan and Stephane weren’t always so close and chummy as most Graal people believed, most Graal people actually think Stephane and Stefan are the same person -.- . In fact they were like oil and water since 1999, the whole GraalOnline team was/is a chaotic mess filled with infighting.

Heres a fun flashback to the past, I was actually around Graal during that time, it’s hilarious and even more insane than the stuff you can still find online.

[quote] G.O.S.N - March, Week 5, 1999 12:23pm (EST)
Until the begining of this week, I actually believed that Graal had a running change to survive through the summer. But with the recient
occurance of several ground breaking events, Graal will die. Stefan and Cyberjoueur are fighting againce each other in a losing battle
for control. Neither of them know the critical steps involved with software development and marketing. Henious lack of communication,
late product releases, non-existant status reports, developer and producer only listen to specific individuals, allowing untrustworthy beta
testers to distrute to pass around gserver and ggold32, an inconclusive license aggrement with tons-o-loopholes, giving the guild code
generator out to two beta testers (one of which is already abusing it), [rumor] giving out the graal source to a beta tester, no timeline has
been defined, no goals have been set, and they don’t even have a marketing plan.
I steped forward as a leaizon between Cyberjoueur and the Graal players only because I had previous experience developing marketable
software. I didn’t want to see Cyberjoueur make the same mistakes I once did. But even after going through all the trouble of late night ICQ
chats w/ CJ, trouble shooting techincal problems with numerus players evin while I was on vacation, and requesting that Stefan implemented
specific modules back in November (which are only now being thought about).
When I tried to give the players something to do by initating a reconstruction of the main lands of Graal attempting to make the game better,
I was impeeded by many of the older players who wanted me to leave well enough alone. No one seemed to believe by intentions were
for the better of Graal. I wasn’t trusted. I then posted a lenghty paragraph explaining, in detail, what I was attempting to do. Again, players
disregarded my post and continued to complain.

  • Galen [/quote]

How they actually worked together for so long defies all conventions of logic, science and common sense… I guess enough money or power can keep any people together for awhile.

I don’t see where Graal goes from here or how it stays afloat like that. It will probably just be a stagnant cashcow with no support as Stephane retires with his bread laughing at all the dumb kiddies. Graal on Facebook and iPhone will probably still be around in 2020 and even 2030, hell I see even worse games on Steam and Mobile platforms becoming successful now. Kids and gamers these days have lost all sense of good taste…

Unless Stephane tries hex or res editing v6 to rename it to v7 to try tricking the kiddies there will certainly never be a new version of the PC client again, in fact keeping what’s already up from just crashing will be a miracle, the guy has proven that he can’t even run a basic vBulletin, WordPress, PHPNuke or PostGres setup properly or securely by himself. After alienating and attacking every possible developer that ever helped him, I doubt finding a new chump that can do a good job would be easy…

It’s just not and never will be good again nor will it be the same Graal I and many others remembered, that will have to come from here or other independent communities. I still lurk around here to occasionally find fun moments, reunions and good times like this

Beats me too, but it was bound to happen at some point. From what I heard, stefan has started a new game in his newly found spare time, called avalonia (inb4 misspelled) on Facebook

In the event of when this was going on, I’ve started to lurk around these parts of the “game” as well.

The company was officially “delisted” on may 15th, and their headquarters have been closed on may 8th.

I’m no legal expert, but from what I’ve read they’re still allowed to exist, but they’ll be having a hard time advertising, collaborating with partners, and it does sound like they’re about to close.

The whole company is valued at 40 000 €, so it would make sense that they might want to move on with something else.

I guess this would open up possibilities for Reborn if he was to shut everything down and leave thousands of angry gamers browsing the web for a place to play Graal!

I do that so much too. Do you remember when Stefan was making Graal into a Gameboy Colour game? I wonder if you can still play the demo version he released.

At least there would be this positive side of this whole drama.

They might come, but there’s not really anything here to sustain a healthy playerbase.

I got a nice Classic server running with plenty of quests and places to chill out.

I think the missing piece to make this even better would be an improved chat system, although i’m not that good at making nice GUIs…

I also have that gameboy version of Graal:

I’ve never tried it for more than 5 mins, but I hope you have fun!

Stefan posted it a few years back on the forums;

It’s very possible that the actual capital is held in a sub-company in a low-tax country (rumors has told me ‘Mauritius’ [that toonslab company]), while the 40k could be just an office or so (this is just my opinion, i haven’t researched this)

The nostalgia.