Event calling system help

nothing here

Oh oh! If this is for Xialza can I do the graphic? I have always wanted to do a event caller!

Ive done the graphics for it, and its for exodus lol

Can we have it on Xialza too? Unless Chicken doesn’t want it.
I really wanted to do a graphic for it… D:

Edit: Let’s get back on topic… : \

if (!strequals(#t(4),strtofloat(#s(client.eventscall)))){

strequals on a strtofloat… common you know better

actually no I dont, i had it as if (!strequals(#t(4),#s(client.eventscall))){
but that didnt work so I was said to myself, oh stupid you! you forgot to convert it to a floating point, so I did and it still didnt work so then… I took it to the forums

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resolved this can be closed.