Event: Horse race

so i have this and i want to make it where it goes 3 then 2 then 1 then it hides any help? if (playerchats){ if (strequals(#g,Events Team)){ if(strequals(#c,start)){ sleep3; hide; } if(strequals(#c,close)){ show; } } }

if (playerchats){ if (strequals(#g,Events Team)){ if(strequals(#c,start)){ for(this.i=3;this.i>0;this.i--){ message #v(this.i); sleep 1; } sleep 1; message; hide; } if(strequals(#c,close)){ show; } } }

im late but i just noticed this it only seems to work when only one person is in the level x__x

if(playerenters) timereverywhere;

This bit of code lets everyone be able to run their own loops; Normally only the “leader of the level” (ie: the first person in the room) can only run loops.

This will allow an ET member, who is not the first in the room, able to run the timer to open the door.