yay. who else has to go through hell week? i get to do discrete math, circuits, algorithms, and verilog tests. im pumped.

*i authorize the use of unwanted spam and flame bait

I hated Algorithms. Lordy, I hate them with a passion.

Not I. bahahahaha. Been out of college for 3 years now. No more hell-week for me. Just hell-life :wink:

discrete math was a sweet class. Probably in my top 5.

Dangerless: you crazy, data-structures and algorithms classes are kickass. QuickSort, HeapSort, sorted tries. god-damn I miss that shit.


I’m slow and takes me a handful of time to deal with them. Their fun and all but ugh.

That’s true. It’s only in retrospect that I think “oh yeah, those were awesome”. I believe at the time I wanted to throttle my professor for some of the homework assignments that he came up with.

I hate statistics

I have OAA’s (Ohio Achievement Assessments) coming up. Haha, but next year it’ll be exams.

i like to handle man meat

also gradeschool sucks ass forever wish i never went
college is pro

oh boy. 2 tests tomarrow.

I have a test thursday, anyhow good luck hosler!!

i have a test, i don’t know when i have a test but i did a speech today

Ive started to think lately that gllt has been trying to subtley turn us all gay.

Good luck hosler. I finished my exams 2 weeks ago :>

Fuck dammit I just failed my geography test… Almost the whole class failed cuz there were questions we didn’t bother studying for DX geography isn’t my best subject

t minus 30 minutes until i have to prove NP-completeness bullshit


This is why I feel guilty to home-school. My mother never gives tests or anything. I’m gonna go back to school next fall. Too late to do it now, the deadline was the winter holiday to go back.


its over!