Explore my PC

Rules are simple. Tell me what to click on, I do it.

Deleting system32 is off limits.

rightclick network connection, click disable.

This game is lame.

Format your HDD.

open TFC, get urself banned.

lol, you really expected it to go any other way?


A little too kinky.

We should have checked his browsing history or something, sheesh…

Firefox executed.

Go to your history so we can see that u watch porn.

Inside3D sounds fairly porno-ish.

scratch that… Google Imagesearch for “Bear sex”

Google Image Keyword(s) Funny Cats

go to this URL: http://s165.photobucket.com/albums/u56/tuteuk/Video/?action=view&current=morecowbell.flv


Pen Island

I’m feeling lucky!