Face of Mankind Update

Face of Mankind Open Beta pwn

yes, it was set to open beta the 5th, I just checked my gmail today.

Geez … that game is awesome … I wonder if they got it this time? :stuck_out_tongue:

it failed last time due to denial of service attacks and some things not documented.

i played this back in 2005-06. god it was one of the greatest games. i was in EC, our leader was awesome, we would get on teamspeak and would all group up and defend/attack/mine together. When we came into an area we would instantly line up and fill up a whole area and people would stare at us and take screenshots lol we were like an army it was great i miss it so much :frowning: im gonna install this now :confused:

“rofl guys look at those fags lining up, screenshots rofl”

it went retail, free accounts and premium accounts…(the payed accounts gets perks and advantages over the free accounts)

Your balls. They are blue.

I downloaded it, ran like arse on my laptop and gfx were pretty poor. What is this game anyway?

a community driven fps/rpg

the economy is fully driven by the community.

roleplay is key.

mostly, people just deathmatch all the time.

i played this game a few years ago. it was pretty funny. if you attack anyone about 50 people start chasing you.