On the brightside, my upload speed is finally higher than my download speed.

Supposed to be 0,5 Mbit DSL?


Wow… The fuck?

ROFL Canada sucks.

When I go to my GFs apartment today I’ll post one of her line, it’s about as bad as yours, Beholder

Canada Rocks.

Yeah, well, regardless my ping is clearly fucked up somewhere.

7x the distance:

Yeah, Qwest sucks a lot of ass. It’s cheap and gets the job done though. Miss my cable internet though.

this is “highspeed”?

Nah, that’s Canadian “high speed”

This is “high speed” in Oklahoma

Okay smartass. :stuck_out_tongue:

i thought canadian fast was a moose running while a cheetah was eating it ?

Moose (Meese? FFS.) are not supposed to be very fast.

No but they’re meant to be big enough to wreck your car if you plow into one while driving.

Haha, with Aliant / Rogers, you don’t have much of a choice, same services, same prices -_o

Haha yeah its true, I keep hearing about that.

holy fucking assballs


I know, his Download speed is 10x faster than my download speed, and his upload speed is 1/4 higher than my download speed!

Aye there’s a service finally like that in this city “Fiber to the Home” as they like to call it (Nova Scotia gets like 5x the speed for the same service, hah).

Costs, oh what was it… $75/mo for 25/3

How much do you pay there, Urza? Lol