Fallout Online


EDIT: The English version (Same game, different community/economy)


You need Fallout 2 installed on your computer to play this; it uses image files from it and they went the non-pirate route.

This. Is. Epic.

How can you say that without even playing it?

The servers are both offline.

And one’s Russian.

EDIT: Oh fuck they’re online:


Anyone have the Fallout 2 or a location where it could be downloaded?


Fine - instead I’ll say: This. LOOKS. EPIC. >_>


Wonder how many people will be pissed off if I say that Fall Out 2 also resembles FURCADIA :open_mouth:



:smiley: this game makes me SAD >:O

this game gfx are ripoff of alien shooter.

Fallout came out wayyy before Alien Shooter - so if anything, Alien Shooters gfx are a ripoff of Fallouts.

:oo: He was just fucking with you.

:oo: You can never be too sure.

I got alien shooter long before I even heard of fallout.

:rolleyes: Now he’s seriously fucking with you.